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Motorola might be giving up on the idea of making smartwatches as it seems we might never see a successor to the 2015 Moto 360
Lenovo, who are Motorola's parent company have said that they will not be working on a new smartwatch to be released in time for Android Wear 2's launch next year according to The Verge. 
The company's head of global product development Shakil Barkat is of the opinion that smartwatches just don't do well enough in the market and it would not be justifiable to develop a new smartwatch at this point in time.
Based on Barkat's statements, smartwatches and other wearable devices aren't doing too well and haven't been able to attract enough audience to make a regular refresh viable.  
Barkat did say though that Moto believes that the "wrist still has value," which means that we can never say never, but in the interim it's definitely not going to happen.
So if you're a fan of their earlier smartwatches or you own one, cherish it, it might be the last produced.

Nokia used to be the go-to phone for everyone..till they were not. They were still hugely popular for a while but now it seems everyone has moved on.
But they are making a comeback!
Yes you heard us right, Nokia is coming back in early 2017 and will do so on the Android platform.
The company announced plans to return to tablets and phones back in May, and have now provided more details today as it formalizes a licensing agreement with HMD Global (HMD). Also based in Finland, HMD global is the new home of Nokia phones under a brand licensing deal that will last for at least 10 years.
Nokia has launched a new phones section on its site today, marking the return of Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets after Microsoft acquired its phone business and killed off the Nokia brand in favor of Lumia. The first Nokia smartphones powered by Android will be available in the first half of 2017, alongside Nokia-branded feature phones.
This is not Nokia's fist adventure into Android land as they diddled with Android just before being acquired by Microsoft with an iPad mini clone running Android. 
So while the return of Nokia is welcome, we do wonder if they will be truly able to compete with the giants like Apple and their iOS or even with other smartphones that use Android like Google, Samsung or Lenovo.
Guess we'll see.

Viruses and Malware are the bane of our existence and it'll be pretty cool if they never existed, but yet here we are.
There's another one on the loose and this one is a bit of a doozie. It's estimated that around a million Android devices have been affected by this new malware called Gooligan.
Online reports state that Gooligan has been found in at least 86 android apps available on third-party marketplaces. Third-party markets are everything except Google Play Store. As of the time of filing this report, the malware affects the devices running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kitkat, and Lollipop. Surprisingly, this amounts to about 74 percent of total Android devices.


So how does Gooligan work? Well, it gets the root privileges by the process and then make the device download and installs a particular software which helps hackers steal the authentication tokens. Once this is achieved, a potential hacker could easily hack into your Google accounts without any password. Google accounts here refer to all Google services includingGmail, Google Docs, Google Play, Google Drive, Google Photos, and G Suite etc. Once a hacker has got into your Google services, he can steal and manipulate your data, you having no idea about it.

Photo Crd: Themobileindian.com

Breaking it down into stats, the devices affected were mostly found in Asia with an estimated 57 percent found. Then Americas with 19 percent, Africa with 15 percent and finally Europe with 9 percent. 
The stats also show that about 13,000 devices are being affected with this malware every single day. 
What makes Gooligan scary is it is possibly the first malware to have hit a million devices making it extremely dangerous.

With all this doom and gloom, i guess the next question is what can be done. If you want to find out your phone's status, just visit (https://gooligan.checkpoint.com/).
Once there, the checkpoint will recommend that you change all Google account passwords immediately. If that doesn't do the trick, then you have to clean flash your operating system. Clean flash would mean going into Stock Recovery -> Wipe Data-> Wipe Cache Partition and reboot.
I've checked mine and it seems i'm safe. You should do the same and make sure you avoid getting apps from anywhere other than the google playstore.

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