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The official full android blackberry is finally out! BlackBerry revelaed the images of the Priv  two days ago and quite a number of people are loving it already although some hateful comment about the fact that the device is Slide.

The release date and price will be out but apparently not soon. According to blackberry official blog, this device is a privacy-enabled Android smartphone meaning with PRIV’s software enhancements, physical keyboard and oversized screen, all enabled by the slider form factor, we’re bringing privacy, productivity, and, oh yes, some sexy, back. 

Because it’s Powered By Android, PRIV will also deliver the largest choice in apps and the most secure experience possible to the widest audience. PRIV users will enjoy choice, innovation, security, privacy AND productivity. In other words, no compromises. To satisfy the curiosity out there, here are the first official images of PRIV. 

Indeed it's eye-catching and unique but the cons about this device is that the Slide is like a major seat back for it coz really nobody wants to go back to the early years of BlackBerry Torch where you're going to have to battle flex problems, i believe all this must have been worked on by BlakBerry engineers and we look forward to it.

Another thing that might make this more unique is variety in colors, not just just the formal White or Black.

Keep watching this blog and our social channels for more images, videos and details about PRIV’s specs. We’ll also soon post how you can register to receive the latest information about PRIV, including when and how to buy it.

Source Blackberry

Here's an exciting new development from Co Creation Hub Nigeria, Geeks Club. It is an after school computing club for secondary school students in Nigeria, with over 200+ students and 7 institutions, Geeks Club is set to raise a new generation of digital makers and users. 

Find out more about what it is and why in this video...

Apple's newest smartphone iPhone 6S and 6S Plus has just hit the market and expectations are very high on whether the new babies are going to surpass the 10 Million units sold in first week of the latter smartphone iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

However, reports on Monday states that there has been a robust preorders for the latest iPhones and that online demand for the 6S Plus was "exceptionally strong" - Trudy Muller an Apple spokesperson told press.

Based on the number of preorders, Muller said  Apple is "on pace" to surpass last year's initial sales when it moved 10 million units of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus during their first weekend of availability (including more than 4 million preorders during the first 24 hours). That was double the initial weekend sales for the iPhone 5.

Last wednesday when the smartphone was launched, we learnt Apple's official website was down for over an hour due to massive traffic and online orders but the actual number of preorders received have so far not been disclosed, only an estimate has been revealed by Wall Street Journal.

Apple will start shipping the iPhone 6S & 6S Plus that's been pre-ordered via their website from September 25, the iPhone 6S comes in minimum 16GB and the highest is still 128GB which is selling for $649 and $849 respectively.

Did you pre-order and what's your expectation ?

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