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I just got this text message from Bharti Airtel, and it states that...

"Dear Customer, effective 3rd Dec 2013 AIRTEL BB Plans will cease to function on non BB devices or used as a modem . Thank you."

Well what this means is that for everyone(when I mean everyone, I mean IPhone,Android users e.g Techno, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Pc Modem users) who uses Airtel BB plan to surf the web will no longer be able to do so after 3rd Dec 2013(which is actually my Birthday! #AngryFace).

What's the way forward?

Well on the other hand if this IT giant don't reduce the prices and then increase MegaBytes for other smartphones and Modem users, I fear this is a wakeup call for the debunked #FreeBrowsing Tips and Trick.(Perhaps they might have to pass it law that Free browsing is a Criminal Offence lol).

There's no more line-up for BBM! Open up BBM, and get the conversations started.

Get started on BBM >

The line-up to use BBM™ is gone. Now you can invite your friends to join you on BBM right away. Tell your friends about BBM and then invite them to your BBM contact list.

Tell your friends about BBM >

Invite your friends to your BBM contact list
Tap  > 
Follow the directions on the screen to invite your friends to BBM. Invitations can be sent by PIN, Email or SMS (phone number).
If they don't already have BBM, they can download it from your invitation.

Its now official! Android and iPhone Users can now download Blackberry Messenger (BBM) on their devices.

Why was this roll-out or launch abit secretive? well according to Andrew Bocking who heads Blackberry's BBM business, said in a blog post... "To help manage this unprecedented pent-up demand for BBM, we are implementing a simple line-up system to ensure a smooth rollout," on the company's website.

Last week BlackBerry boast of over 6 million Android and iPhone customers had pre-registered for the launch.

In the mean time we hope this isn't a Failure on BlackBerry's part as we see tones of negative blog comments from people saying they are going Android or iPhone leaving Blackberry to a dead end in Sales.

However a new blackberry device is also rolling in like Blackberry Z30 the Big Sister to Z10 and Z15 the very first BlackBerry 10 smartphone.
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