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iPhone 8's metal frame just got leaked and it looks authentic! See photos.

Amids the latest news from Apple, we learnt the Californian giant tech company will be announcing 3 new iPhones this fall and they are iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8.

All of this phones comes in the same screen sizes as the iPhone 7 recently launched which is 4.7 and 5.5 with LCD displays while the iPhone 8 comes with an OLED display and it's 5.6 diagonal.

While we anticipate for this announcement to be official, what's your take on this iPhone 8 frames ?


Apple’s iPhone 8 has been teasing Apple fans for the last couple of months with the various rumours, leaks and the like. What probably excited people the most was the OLED display.

Earlier reports had claimed that the iPhone 8 was going to come with a curved OLED display, but some fresh remarks from IHS Markit analyst Wayne Lam (via MacRumors) hint that the iPhone 8’s display will essentially sport the same flat design as the iPhone 7.

“We anticipate Apple will adopt a flat implementation of OLED design on their special iPhone model,” Lam said, “which is analogous to the current 2.5D glass design.”

Lam’s remarks can't be dismissed out of hand especially when you consider the recent Macotakra report claiming that Apple still hasn’t selected a final design and feature-set from a selection of iPhone 8 prototypes.

So with that in mind, it might not be the best option to assume that the iPhone 8 is coming with curved display.

While that's a bummer, it doesn't mean the iPhone 8 won't be insane. It is widely believed that the iPhone 8 will feature improved battery life, wireless charging capabilities, an improved IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, enhanced Siri features, facial recognition, and much more (all for $1000 or more).

There are also rumblings that the iPhone 8 will introduce some new and intriguing augmented reality features. Tim Cook has been uncharacteristically effusive when discussing the technology, even going so far as to compare its potential impact to that of the smartphone itself.

So all in all it's not all bad, a little heartbreaking, but not all bad.

Well...bad new Apple fans. It seems the iPhone 8 (which has never been announced or confirmed yet) is going to be delayed.

Why? Well according to sources it's because of the proposed new 3D camera system made by STMicroelectroncs.

The iPhone, specifically the iPhone 7 Plus, already has a dual camera system so the super special and unorthodox iPhone 8 Anniversary Edition should probably have something better right?

And what's better than a 3D camera? The camera is said to use 3D imaging technologies, possibly laser-based, that could be used for facial recognition and, augmented reality.

This camera system will supposedly be made by STMicroelectronics, according to sources. There’s one problem: STMicro is supposedly not yet ready to provide Apple the number of components needed for an iPhone that is expected to sell like pancakes. Despite the speculated $1,000 price tag. As such, STMicro is asking for a bit more time to fulfill the order.

So yeah, it seems the iPhone 8 will have to wait for a while.

The new iPhone is being reported in many quarters to cost upwards of $1000 upon release-- a thousand dollars is a lot of money and it is only natural for potential buyers to wonder and speculate over what they'll actually get.

Apple hasn't helped in this regard as over the last ten years they has had an odd habit of being dodgy with the cost of internal storage. 

An example, the flash storage chip inside the iPhone normally costs Apple $20 but it’s stuck with a base level of 16GB of storage for the longest time, only recently springing for a 32GB base option with the iPhone 7.

Now with alll the stuff we usually dump on phones, once we're done with the initial OS, and a few knick knacks space is gone. 

Sure, you can buy iCloud storage for a couple bucks a month, but the more logical solution for Apple would be to have a base option to 64GB, much like most flagship Android phones.

And that may very well be the case

According to a supply-chain report from TrendForce the new flagship iPhone 8 will ship with 64GB or 256GB of internal storage. If that's true then that's value for your $1000

The same report suggests the the still-new-but-cheaper iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will both retain the 32GB entry-level option, although the top end will still be 256GB.

So err...all in all i guess you'd say this is good news. Don't worry, memory won't be all the iPhone 8 will be good for as it'll also have a dual-camera system much like the one found on the iPhone 7 Plus, an all-glass front display with minimal bezel, and quite possibly no physical buttons.

It's all about the battery.

While Samsung's Note 7 might have had problems with their battery, but this particular component remains seen as very, very important part of any smartphone.

Apple gets it, which is why they are planning to make the battery life of the iPhone 8 "Insane".

Apple’s iPhone 8 will reportedly incorporate a new type of battery technology that will help improve battery life, and in the process, appease users who have long lamented Apple’s preoccupation with thinness at the expense of stellar life.

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A report courtesy of MacRumors states that reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has asserted that  Apple’s next-gen iPhone will be about the same size as the current 4.7-inch iPhone 7 but will deliver battery life akin to, if not better than, what the iPhone 7 Plus provides. 

Kuo claims that the iPhone 8 will deliver battery life improvements across the board. Furthermore, battery life will also be bolstered by the device’s OLED display, a more power efficient display technology compared to the LCD screens currently used in existing iPhone models.

According to Kuo, "As battery material tech isn’t likely to see major breakthroughs in the next 3-5 years, mainboard area can only be reduced via stacked SLP, which makes space for larger battery and extended usage time. Thanks to stacked SLP, we expect the OLED iPhone to have similar dimensions to a 4.7” TFT-LCD iPhone, and have comparable battery capacity (equipped with around 2,700 mAh L-shaped 2-cell battery pack) to a 5.5” TFT-LCD iPhone."
To put this in context, the iPhone 7 Plus offers 13 hours of LTE browsing, 15 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, and 60 hours of wireless audio playback. So if with this the iPhone 8 plans to be insanely impressive, then you can just imagine what we're looking at.

So fingers crossed as we get more info for what might be the greatest iPhone ever.

One of the main talking points for the iPhone 7 and now 8 has been the wireless charging feature it comes/is to come with.

It seems there will be a 5-inch “tweener” iPhone 8 coming in-between 2017’s 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones and from reports it seems it will have a different set of rules for charging and accessories. 

According to Makotakara, a “tweener” iPhone-- first rumored in December-- is in the works for this year. 

The plan according to the report was to find an in-between phone instead of replacing either the existing 4.7- and 5.5-inch sizes currently offered in the shape of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It was reported to plan to borrow the dual-camera system of the larger iPhone 7 Plus, but flip the twin lenses 90-degrees.


The story is back and reports suggest that the 
5-inch iPhone is still on the roadmap. It will have a glass back panel, rather than the metal of the current iPhone design, and support wireless charging.

What could frustrate most people with plans to buy it will be the absence of the wireless charger in the box. Instead, it’s claimed, a regular USB Type-A charging cable will be bundled; if people want a wireless charger, then they’ll have to buy it separately. Apple is believed to be supporting the most recent version of the Qi standard for that, with up to 15W power transfers.

That would make sense, given Qi’s growing popularity in the market. Already supported by several generations of Samsung Android phone, the technology is also present in a number of cars, which offer wireless charging pads in the dashboard. Paired with wireless CarPlay, the site suggests, that would make it far more likely that people would use the infotainment system as they drive.

It's still not known for sure if we will indeed get this phone as Apple are yet to comment on it, but if we do, it'll join the growing list of things from Apple to be excited about this year.

When the iPhone 7 came out, it was high priced especially for Nigerians who were going through a recession. It immediately became a status symbol, anyone who owned an iPhone 7 was automatically seen as a 'Big boy'. well, the iPhone 8 is looking to blow that out of the water.

New reports indicate that with all the new features coming with the new iPhone, it WILL NOT be cheap. According to Fast Company, the 10th anniversary iPhone - which might go by the name iPhone X - could go for as much as $1,000 (about £800/N500,000).

Considering that the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus already goes for $969, the idea of a thousand dollars or more isn't ridiculous.

With that said, this could mean that Apple will be releasing their most expensive product till date.

Why will the iPhone 8 be so expensive, though, it can't be that dope can it? Well it seems that it can Let's look at what it has shall we. 

The iPhone 8 according to reports going to have a curved AMOLED screen along with a 5.8-inch screen.

There's also increased memory, a new sensing technology, and a better camera, are also rumored, all of which could further bump up the smartphone's production costs.

We won't know for sure how much to shell out until Apple gives the word later this year, but we anticipate there being different models - namely the iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and iPhone 8 - to give customers a chance to opt out of more expensive features, similar to the dual-lens camera exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Everyone and their mother is rubbing their collective hands in anticipation of the iPhone 8 which is slated to come out later this year, but now they might now have cause to holler and whoop.

According to information gathered by BlueFin Research Partners and shared by Barron's Tech Trader Daily, Apple may begin the production of the iPhone 8 sooner than usual.

While there has been some indication that Apple will step up production of the iPhone 8 starting in June, this does not automatically translate to the phone coming out earlier, so...err...while you can whoop and holler, it might not mean much.

According to reports, there has been a 300% increase in iPhone 8/X builds in the June quarter, now sitting at 9M. As a result, overall June quarter builds have increased from 45M to 48M, with the sharp increase in iPhone 8 offset somewhat by modest declines in legacy models.

Now looking at the information critically, it really does make sense for Apple to step up production especially considering just how many changes and new features the iPhone 8 is supposed to have. 

Starting production earlier means that Apple will have enough time to improve yield rates and work out manufacturing issues, and could potentially lead to better supply when the iPhone 8 launches in September.

What we know of the iPhone 8 so far is that it could feature an edge-to-edge OLED display, perhaps with curved edges, and a glass backing.

Wireless charging in some form is expected to be included in the device, but it is not yet clear if it will be Apple Watch-style inductive charging or a longer-range over-the-air charging solution. Also it's said to have a 
 faster, more efficient A11 processor, advanced biometrics like facial recognition or iris scanning, a new Taptic engine and 3D Touch advancements, and camera improvements. 

We will just have to wait and see how this all pans out. It is hoped that an earlier production helps Apple produce a proper phone that they can be proud of.

Of the three phones Apple is planning to release this year, at least one of them is going to have a wraparound screen according to reports.

An analyst from Cowen and Company, Timothy Arcuri, said
 in a note to investors on Wednesday, that he spoke with supply chain sources who told him Apple is planning an iPhone 8 this year that will come with a "fixed flex" screen.

This design is in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and it has featured before in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is reported to measure 5.8 inches and wrap around the sides. 

The phone is also reported to feature an edge-to-edge display, effectively turning the face of the handset into a big screen.

Apple has been rumored to be working on a big update to the iPhone. Reports have been mixed on what exactly the handset might offer, but a curved, OLED-based screen measuring 5.8 inches has been floated before. An edge-to-edge screen has also been reported, along with a new Touch ID sensor that would be baked into the glass, eliminating the need to have a home button under the display.

Arcuri also spoke about Apple's big iPhone update which at the moment has been surreptitiously codenamed iPhone X. He said it could come with facial and gesture recognition that would be powered by a laser sensor. It's also likely the handset will ship with wireless charging support.

By all indications, Apple should announce its new iPhones later this year and will go ahead and possibly release the devices in September.

Apple's iPhone 8 is probably one of the most anticipated phones of the year and many can't wait for its release.
Hence any scrap of information is being devoured and what we have now is a situation where we hear that the new iPhone 8 might move away from the aluminum unibody design used by Apple and much of the industry flagship smartphones today and instead spring for Stainless Steel frames.
According to online publication DigiTimes,  Apple plans to sandwich the stainless steel frame with two glass panels, one on either side. That’s very similar to the design we had with the iPhone 4, which also used stainless steel and had glass on the front and back. If you remember, this phone was particularly prone to cracking, no surprise given it had so much glass, so we hope Apple has worked with suppliers to grab even stronger panels.
“Sources from the upstream supply chain pointed out that the cost of the forging process is 30-50% cheaper than the current unibody CNC machine process, while quality control is also more stable,” DigiTimes added, noting that Wistron will join Pegatron and Foxconn in assembling the iPhone 8.
This adds up as an earlier report suggested Apple is moving away from the current design, which has been in use for three years since the introduction of the iPhone 6. 
We won't be able to know for sure until the phone comes out of Apple officially announces that there will be a change of design, so till then-- we wait.

The battle between Samsung and Apple is heating up with rumours flying about the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8-- the flagship phones expected next year by both companies.
The two devices, according to rumours, will share many common features, including a brand-new all-screen design that might incorporate a fingerprint sensor. Images of the phones are not available at this time, but some designers out there already came up with convincing renders trying to imagine what these phones might look like. The following concept shows what the Galaxy S8 may look like, but to be honest, it could well be the iPhone 8.

The images were initially posted by Weibo user @KingwayLee and as you will see, the renders look pretty good and give the impression that the Galaxy S8 will be able to stand toe to toe with the iPhone 8.
Earlier rumors have claimed that Samsung will do away with the home button and place the fingerprint sensor under the screen instead. 
With the rumours of the iPhone 8 speculating that it could feature an all-screen front-side with limited bezels. The iconic home button is said to be gone with its functionality supposed to be transferred to the OLED screen. 
Y Galaxy S8 concept that @KingwayLee imagined.
Now even with all the similarities, it's obvious that the phones won't be the same but they do look quite similar. These are all just speculations of course with a lot able to change in the coming months, but it sure means we can look forward to some nifty phone designs come next year.

Apple will launch the much talked about and vaunted iPhone 8 next year and it is said to feature a curved display. While they aren't the first to do this, it is set to be a huge driving force for mobile devices with flexible displays.

Apple’s iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone ever to feature a curved screen. However, analysts from IHS quoted by Digitimes say that Apple’s flexible AMOLED display adoption would “dramatically drive up expected demand for flexible AMOLED panels.”
Samsung will be a huge beneficiary of this as they are supplying AMOLED screens to Apple and with Apple will be many other companies that will make the switch to curved OLED screens. 
Vivo and Xiaomi have already launched handsets with flexible screens in 2016, and many other manufacturers have plans to develop curved or foldable smartphones in the near future. Apple is seen as a big catalyst in this department following the release of the iPhone 8.
“During 2016, many smartphone manufacturers have pressured display panel makers to supply them with more flexible AMOLEDs for their new smartphone designs, however, due to limited production capacity only a few players had their orders met in quantity,” IHS analyst Jerry Kang said. “With new form factors entering the marketplace next year to entice consumers, smartphone manufacturers will find themselves locked in a fierce battle with one another as they jostle to win market share for their new smartphone models featuring dual-edge curved and foldable AMOLED displays.”
“Consumer device manufacturers will eventually move from conventionally designed flat and rectangular form factors to the latest curved, foldable or rollable screens, but only once their product roadmap for newer, innovative devices becomes more mature,” Kang noted.
What the curved iPhone 8 may very well do is make curved smartphones a thing again because as we all know, whatever Apple does, others kind of follow suit. So we may very well be on the cusp of a new era of curved smartphones with Apple leading the way with the iPhone 8

Everyone has been freaking out over the potential next year release of the iPhone 8 with its many features and bells and whistles.
So it would definitely come as a huge disappointment to fans to find out that the iPhone 8 might not be coming next year.
The reason for this is pretty simple: There are just too many planned upgrades and features to fit it into a schedule for next year.
According to Apple’s suppliers from Taiwan, next year’s model won’t be called the iPhone 8 but the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus instead. 
And for the most part that's understandable because the rumours have stated that the iPhone 8 will come with OLED screens, a no-button fingerprint scanner, all-glass design, and wireless charging.
That's a lot of changes and it seems that the Taiwanese components suppliers can't meet up with all this just yet. 
So consumers will have to console themselves with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. 
On the plus side (hehe), it seems the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will come with a processor upgrade. Instead of the Apple A10 that debuted this year, the iPhone 7s will be powered by an A11. Leaks and rumors about that chip are scarce at this point, aside from a switch to a 10 nanometer fabrication process. That means a smaller chip with more efficient power management, and more room for other silicon on the motherboard.
Other than that, however, the iPhone 7s might offer nothing new. No glass body and, therefore, no wireless charging. Those who weren’t entirely enamored by the iPhone 7 this year might have little incentive to upgrade next year as well, which might not do Apple’s sales and earnings any favors.
So it seems those salivating over the possibility of an iPhone 8 might have to wait a little bit longer.

With excitement ramping up for the iPhone 8, it will please Apple fans to know that the company is testing more than 10 prototypes for new iPhones that could go on sale next year.

According to the Wall Street Journal, some of those prototypes may have a new design centered around a curved screen.

The technology that would enable that curved screen is called OLED, which is a newer kind of display that has deeper blacks and lower power consumption.

The fact that Apple will need tens of millions of these OLED screens for next year is setting off a race among screen makers, including Samsung, LG Display, Foxconn-owned Sharp, and Japan Display.

The WSJ says that Samsung will supply "most" of Apple's initial OLED needs, confirming what Bloomberg reported earlier.

It seems that while Samsung might have the capacity, the others might have a bit of trouble with reports indicating that Sharp would need to spend more than $5 billion to develop the technology and capacity to supply OLED screens to Apple.

"We don't know whether Apple's OLED iPhones will be a hit, but if Apple doesn't walk down this path and transform itself, there will be no innovation. It is a crisis but it is also an opportunity," Sharp chief executive Tai Jeng-wu said last month.

iPhone sales have suffered something of a dip in recent times and there is pressure mounting on the company to produce a phone that gets them back on top of things.

The iPhone 8 is supposed to be that product and it is rumoured that it will feature glass casing, wireless charging, and a new edge-to-edge screen design, in addition to the latest chips and technologies.

"iPhone 8 design didn't sound 100% locked down but we believe the move is to a bezel-less design with screen sizes getting larger and curved edges in the original envelope," writes Barclays

10 prototypes are being tested and it's possible that the OLED screen might not see the light of day and it might be a case of Apple going with what is available and what can be supplied by their Asian partners.

With the dust finally beginning to clear on the Samsung debacle, it seems the Korean company would be featuring a lot of the cool new kinks that Apple will also be featuring on their iPhone 8.
So things like; all-screen design with buttons and sensors incorporated into the display, 3D Touch support, dual-lens rear camera, and a personal voice assistant all from the iPhone may be coming with the Samsung Galaxy S8.
This doesn't mean Samsung only plans to just copy, they will be doing some tinkering of their own and nothing will be more exciting than their personal voice assistant which should make a debut with the S8.
According to GalaxyClub, the Galaxy S8’s AI assistant will come with two personalities, including male (Bixby) and female (Kestra) voices, and bring over support for mobile payments by voice.
The site discovered new AI-related trademark applications filed in South Korea and the European Union, which mention the two names and variations thereof.
Interestingly, the name Bixby Pay has also been spotted, suggesting that Samsung is looking to let people pay for goods by simply voicing the appropriate instruction to either Bixby or Kestra.
The company responsible for this is Viv, who Samsung has now acquired and make services and products like Siri.

Siri can do payments with PayPal at the moment, but if the rumours are to be true, then Bixby and Kestra might just be better than Siri. 
Your move Apple.

The buzz surrounding the iPhone 7 is barely done but Apple users and fan are already talking about what the next iteration of the mega device could have in store and if reports are to be believed it could very well be something spectacular.

According to online reports, Foxconn Technology Group, one of Apple's main manufacturing partners, is making wireless charging modules for the 2017 iPhone.

Wireless charging is not new with brands like Samsung incorporating this technology into their phones. Only the Apple watch uses it at the moment but that could change as reports indicate that this is the next feature Apple wants on its iPhones and have been recruiting engineers from wireless charging companies to make this a reality.

Speculation puts the use of wireless charging on Apple's iPhone at 2017 which will coincidentally be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone's release, so this does lend credence to the idea of having wireless charging.

Online reports also indicate that not only will the iPhone 8 have wireless charging but also a curved OLED display. While this has not been confirmed by Apple, Sharp President Tai Jeng-wu mentioned that the next iPhone would have an OLED screen during a speech last week.

While the Nikkei report states that Foxconn is already producing the wireless charging module for the next iPhone, this does not necessarily mean it will make it into the version of the phone that's released to the public. 

So it seems like a situation of wait-and-see if anything does come of this, but if true then exciting times await all Apple fans.
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