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I updated my Whatsapp a week ago or so and i got a bunch of new emojis and that was fine, they were actually kind of cute. So you can imagine my surprise when i realized that there was yet another one.

So i wondered, what the heck? What was so new that they wanted to introduce that couldn't wait a couple of months?

Well, i found out soon enough.

It was the status feature and it looks something like this 

Basically just like Instagram stories, you are able to upload status updates which can either be video, photo or gif which basically just shows what you're doing or whatever you want to showcase.

The statuses are just like in Instagram stories where's there's the little bar at the top that steadily goes on indicating the time passed.

It is longer than Instagram stories as you can put up videos that are over 10 seconds long, so you can imagine the applications for that.

This works with your contacts and you can choose who gets to see your status and so on. You can also comment on the status of other people and all that goodness.

As for how to get this...simple, just update your WhatsApp. if it doesn't come automatically, don't fret, just open up your Google Playstore. Check in the 'My Apps' tab, chek out the list of apps that require an update your Whatsapp is bound to be there, Update!

That's it.

Now sit back and enjoy your new Whatsapp feature. it'll be interesting to see how people react to this with Instagram and all.

Instagram have some new features planned with their new update adding live video and disappearing messages.
Now what this means is that while creating an Instagram story you’ll soon be able to swipe over to a new ‘Live’ button, offering a way for users to hop into a livestream. 
The idea is that once someone starts streaming, Instagram sends a notification to the user’s followers, who can then watch and leave comments. One of the comments can be pinned to the top of the feed, or comments can be completely turned off.
Naturally comparisons will be made with Facebook’s Live as they do seem pretty similar without the emoji reactions. The new feature should be out in a few weeks.
Beyond that, Instagram also rolled out disappearing messages. When you press the new messaging icon in the top right corner of the app’s home screen, you’ll be able to privately send a photo or video to people that are following you.
So the battle between Instagram and Snapchat rages on with IG adding more and more features to one-up their rivals.
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