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With the Mercedes Maybach 6 Coupe electric vehicle you can picture what future cars would look like.This car is a just a concept of the future Mercedes Maybach electric vehicle revealed today by the motor company after so many teasers.

The car is 6 meter long, flowing 2+2 seater,powered by 4 motors that achieve 750HP that will also propel the car to 100kmph in under 4 seconds,according to the automaker, the 80kWh battery allows the vehicle to deliver a range of over 500km. And with that Mercedes also claims that using its 350kWh charging system will deliver a range of 100km with just 5 minutes of charging,the concept can also be charged wirelessly.This luxury vehicle is something you wouldn't hesitate to hit the road with.

It has a massive rear overhang that gives it a unique look.Including the gull-wing doors that open to reveal the polished wood accents and 360 degree lounge-like interior.

At the front below the hood there’s plenty of space for two well-crafted Mercedes-Benz branded suitcases. Besides them is more space enough for an entire wardrobe (as the concept sketches point out). At the back sitting right behind the split rear window is some more space for Champagne bottles and a picnic basket.

According to reports the production date is not yet stated by the Mercedes company.This would be a car you won't want to miss out on as we look forward to a future of luxury electric vehicles.

German automobile maker Volkswagen according to reports are working on creating an electric vehicle (EV),despite being faced with the present court battle of the dieselgate scandal in the US the company is still up and running.

German magazine Wirtschafts Woche had a talk with the CEO of Volkswagen and he stated that the upcoming EV will have a range somewhere between 248 to 372 miles (400 to 600 kms) and will have a similar size as the VW Golf but posses the cargo space of the larger Passat sedan. But since the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) is a bit more liberal with its efficiency figures it will probably be somewhere close to 300 miles (482 kms) on a single charge,which could make it the longest range EV in the market if the facts come true.

Only the prototype will be made first,but the final consumer version of the car will be sent into production in 2018 or 2019.
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