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Just like Nokia, the Blackberry seems to be making a comeback. Just like Nokia (Who are now under HMD) BlackBerry is under TCL and they are making phones as quickly as possible.

According to TCL, the company could be coming out with as many as 3 phones this year.

According to reports, the company is working on an all-touchscreen version, a spiritual successor to the DTEK 50 and DTEK 60 phones, which TCL also built for BlackBerry, according to a source familiar with the rollout plans. TCL will likely get rid of the DTEK branding.

From the looks of things it seems TCL is actually quite serious with Blackberry and truly want to bring them back to their former glory. 

Their first try for the new year, the KeyOne, was revealed at a press conference on Saturday ahead of Mobile World Congress trade show. 

It's a new world for TCL, best known for making budget televisions, as well as phones through its Alcatel line.

It is hoped that TCL will be able to do something amazing with Blackberry this year, but that remains to be seen, so all we can do is wait with bated breath.

Blackberry has made another attempt at relevance signing over their global rights to TCL. This means that TCL will be able to use Blackberry's branding on phones by them. 
This comes hot on the heels of Blackberry's announcement that they would no longer be making devices of their own but will concentrate instead on services and software.
Under the terms of the agreement, TCL will “design, manufacture, sell, and provide customer support for BlackBerry-branded mobile devices,” while BlackBerry will chip in with the software and services. 
While the deal says that it's global, it really isn't as the deal will not be applicable in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, or Indonesia. This, according to Bllomeberg, is because Blackberry already has a licensing agreement in place in Indonesia, and is currently working on another deal with an Indian company.
The the last two BlackBerry phones that went on sale — the Android-powered DTEK50 and DTEK60 — were made by TCL using parts previously found in the Alcatel Idol 4. 
So basically, Blackberry won't be making any phones, so if you're buying a Blackberry, just know it's not being made by the Canadian company.
This continues the sad trend of Blackberry's decline. It's almost unbelievable to remember that just under a decade ago they held 20 percent of the global smartphone market, now? they only hold 0.1 percent. 
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