The Google Pixel has had its fair share of problems in recent times with their flagship phone. Recently it was reported that there was some sound distortion when the phone reaching the top three decibel bars.
Now another problem has reared its ugly head with some users reporting that the smartphone appears to be affected by an early shutoff bug in which the phone would die even with some battery power left, and the only way to get it operational again would be to plug it into a charger.
On the website Reddit, some Pixel owners have complained of this problem. A user by the name of vrski_15 said, “My Google Pixel (32 GB), less than a month old is facing worrisome battery issues. Twice in last 5 days, has the phone shutdown abruptly while I am in middle of something. In both instances, battery was between 25-35%, and the phone under normal conditions should have lasted for at least next 3-4 hours.”
“I ignored it the first time, when happened couple of days ago, but today I run into the same issue. I am on a business trip in India, and the customer service wasn’t really helpful. All they could come up was that I should factory reset my phone and wait for it to happen again, and then visit them.” This problem seems to be faced by other Pixel owners, although thankfully it doesn’t seem to be too widespread at the moment.
The actual problem is unknown and it seems Google hasn't said anything about it. It is hoped that it doesn't become too widespread before something is done about it.