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Japanese gaming behemoth, Nintendo have finally unveiled their new console, the Nintendo Switch (Tada!)

Nintendo has been the darling of an older generation of gamers who had grown up on the NES and the SNES with epic titles such as Super Mario, Zelda and so on.

The Switch which is their latest console after the Wii U was unveiled at a presentation in Tokyo. 

According to 
Nintendo’s head of software development Shinya Takahashi, The Switch “inherited all of Nintendo’s entertainment DNA” across the company’s broad line of products.

Also at the event, the long-delayed Breath of the Wild (Zelda), originally planned as an exclusive to the Wii U platform, was announced to go on sale with the new console. 

Fpr those wondering when they will be able to buy it, The Switch will hit shelves on 3 March in Europe, Japan and the US, and cost  $299.99.

While Zelda fans can be excited with the new game that comes with the console, Mario fans will have to be a bit more patient as the first Mario game on the platform will not debut until later in the year: Super Mario Odyssey which has been described “a large Mario sandbox world,” by producer Yoshiaki Koizumi. The premise is that Mario will be exiled to our world-- that's all we know for now.

Footage from the game shown at the presentation featured Mario leaping through realistic forests and over yellow taxi cabs. Koizumi also produced the Mario Galaxy franchise for the company.

So apart from Price and the games that may be released on it, what else do you need to know? Well, Nintendo will be rolling back its digital rights-management protections slightly (translation, the company will not region-lock its games. YAY!) meaning that Switch games will be playable whether or not they were purchased in the same country as the console itself.

Also a new online multiplayer service will debut with the Switch, but like competitors Sony and Xbox, Nintendo’s service will be subscriber-only by the end of the year, with a grace period of a few months for early adopters.

Nintendo, like they did with the Wii, will also create games that are designed to keep the players active like the Wii sports games.

All in all, it's been good news all round. We can't wait for the Wii to hit shelves in March. Till then.

Nintendo played their cards pretty close to their chest when announcing the Nintendo Switch. They revealed only a few of its features and game lineup in 2017. 
Knowing humans, this immediately heralded a ton of speculation ranging from the features of the console-- its processor, RAM, battery life, touchscreen capabilities-- to what games will be available at launch.
But we may have more information now as a video posted by OBE1Plays on YouTube seems to have revealed a whole lot of hitherto unknown info about the Switch. 
The video was uploaded while he was chatting with Let’s Play Video Games’ Laura Kate Dale, who has in the past been pretty good with her Nintendo-related rumors.
So on to what was discussed. According to the duo, the Switch’s battery life will likely be around 3 hours, although the fact that it via USB-C means it will charge quickly. It was also mentioned that it is to come with 32GB of built-in storage, and microSD cards will let gamers expand that to 128GB. The left Joy-Con controller is also rumored to feature a “Share” button that lets users share screenshots and gameplay footage with friends or upload it to social media platforms.
Now on to the games that may be released at launch, it was said that some of the Triple A games like Mass Effect et al might not feature on the Switch. It remains to be seen which games WILL feature and more details will most likely be provided soon.
You can see the video below.

Switch....switch....switch, anyhow and anyway. It's a new gaming console by Nintendo and it's called the "Nintendo Switch" and would be launched March 2017, Can't wait to get a hands on review on this one.

This could be one of the best consoles next year, it has all the feature of both a stationary home and a portable mobile console......it is indeed unlimited. When you switch from home mode to portable mode, games will resume right where you left off. Just grab it and go.

With its multiplayer support you can invite all your friends, and if  you’re worried your friends are screenwatching or you’re just playing a game that isn’t suited for splitscreen, you can also pair multiple Switch units together to give each player a display of their own.

Check out the official trailer for a clearer picture.

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