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Nigeria’s mobile 4G LTE service provider Ntel recently launched their first featured phone with VoLTE features and functionalities and today we're taking a look at it, the spec and the price is also something we'd liken to find out.

Looking through it’s feature, one can almost want to compare it to the new Nokia 3310 but unfortunately there are certain features this phone has that Nokia 3310 can’t ever dream of having.

In defence to why a 4G LTE network delved into the mobile phone market, here’s what the company said

“The entry of ntel NOVA into the device market signals a new dawn in the evolution of the Nigerian 4G/LTE segment which has been impacted by concerns around the availability and affordability of 4G/LTE-capable devices. Our investment in ntel NOVA further underscores our firm commitment to changing the game in the 4G/LTE broadband segment and to support the actualization of the penetration targets outlined in the National Broadband Plan of 2013

Well now let’s check out the phone specs and the bundles it came with.


SIM Card Slot: 2 (Dual Sim)
Screen size: 3.5 inch
Camera: 8MP Rear, 2MP Front
Internal Storage: 8GB
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Talk time: 9hrs
Touchscreen: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Wifi: Yes
Hotspot: Yes
Earphone jack: Yes
USB: Yes, 2.0
Battery: 1800mAh
Internet Apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Internet Browser
Colors: Grey, Gold and Rose Gold.

To get this device, you would have to pick one of the two bundles it came with, Nova Max and Nova XL. Now let’s see the difference between the phones.

Ntel Nova Max Bundle:

Data: 25GB (Valid for 30 days)
On-Net Calls: Unlimited
Off-Net Calls: 250 Mins
Network: 4G LTE

Price: N25,000

Ntel Nova XL Bundle:

Data: 50GB (Valid for 90 days)
On-Net Calls: Unlimited
Off-Net Calls: 500 Mins
Network: 4G LTE

Price: N30,000

You can get this phone from Konga, Jumia or any Ntel stores in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt only.

Since its 6.0.1 iteration, Marshmallow, Android has featured this cool thing where you tap the power button twice in quick succession and the camera app will open. 
Cool eh
Unfortunately, since it came out there's been a lingering issue: if the phone or tablet is unlocked and the power button is double tapped, the device will first lock and then open the camera app, rather than just opening the camera. 
From the looks of things, in the Android N Developer Preview 3 (DP3) this is now fixed - a double tap of the power button while the device is unlocked opens the camera app without locking the device first.
So here's how it works when you double tap to open the camera on DP3:
  • The device is unlocked: double tap opens the camera, device stays unlocked
  • Once on lockscreen with the smart lock enabled (swipe to unlock): double tap opens the camera, device unlocks
  • on lockscreen with device locked: double tap opens the camera, device stays locked
  • If the screen isn't locked, just double tap to open the camera.
Once you do that you should have no problems whatsoever, while it's not mindblowing or anything, it could be a pesky little problem and now you can use the camera without the phone locking itself and take a quick photo.
So if you're nitpicky about that sort of thing, well now you're covered.
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