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Yesterday it was reported that the Federal government was through the NCC planning to hike up the price of internet data making it more expensive for Nigerians to subscribe to the internet.

This was seen as a very bad move as coming at a time when most Nigerians are buckling under the strain of a recession, to have to deal with another price hike just seemed mean in the extreme.

It is now being reported that the Nigerian Senate has halted the planned hike in data price. 

They stated in a series of tweets that the proposed increase by the NCC is an irresponsible act which will only further intensify the plight of the masses.

According to reports circulating in the media, the recent directive by the NCC to the five telecommunications operators in the country to increase their data tariff is to allow small operations and new entrants acquire market share and specific profitability.

The proposed hike has generated a lot of condemnation as the masses have started to lament about the insensitivity of the NCC especially with the current economic challenges. It will be interesting to see where this story turns again in the near future. We will of course keep you posted on events as they happen.

Everyone hates the Nigerian government right? No? Well maybe now you will. The Federal Government has through the Nigeria Communications Commision (NCC) has mandated all telecommunication companies in the country (NGR) to increase data rates starting from the 1st of December, 2016.

This is in addition to the stunts being pulled with the country's Forex and the fuel price increase, you'd wonder if the government just wants to kill the citizens, if that's the plan they should just say so.

Hitting the internet is genius in how diabolical it is as the average Nigerian has become so used to the internet that they cannot do without it. So as it stands, Etisalat will now sell their 500mb data bundle for N1000 while their 1.5gb plan will go for N3000.

MTN and the other will join in to continue trying to systematically ruin the lives of Nigerians

So people you will have to be wise with your internet usage...or buy a modem or something.

Naturally people will look for backdoors to browse for free and who can blame them at this point?

Merry Christmas in advance Nigerians...from the government.
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