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Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, presents the new Huawei Mate 9 high-end-phablet during the Huawei Global Product Launch in Munich, in Nove...
Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, presents the new Huawei Mate 9 high-end-phablet during the Huawei Global Product Launch in Munich, in November ©CHRISTOF STACHE (AFP/File)

The CES 2017 has had some amazing moments so far and one of them was definitely when  Huawei announced that it will be adding Amazon's artificial intelligence application Alexa to its flagship smartphone for its US launch.
This of course, means when US consumers purchase a Mate 9 handset it will include the personal digital assistant developed by Amazon.
The Mate 9, a large-screen "phablet" marketed as a rival to the big handsets from Apple and Samsung, will be available to US buyers in "early 2017," the Chinese firm said at the Las Vegas tech show.

Acording  to the Chinese company, the Mate 9 will be the first smartphone to pre-install Amazon Alexa.
Alexa is Amazon's answer to Siri as it is a digital assistant that can control home devices and so on. Amazon had earlier stated that they would be making Alexa available to third parties.

While Alexa won't be preinstalled in phones for people outside the USA, it will be available as an update.

After its announcement back in August, the Huawei Honor 8 was revealed to have some updates added to the phone for at least the next two years. 
What that meant basically was that users are to expect that the phone will be updated to at least two major Android builds over time.
So for the first major update to hit the phone, it seems it will come early next year (year's practically over). According to  the Chinese company, the Android 7.0 Nougat update is scheduled to arrive for the Honor 8 come February 2017. As of now no specific dates have been given, but it shouldn't be too long.
The update is also expected to introduce EMUI 5.0 onto the Honor 8, which is basically the company’s take on Android that debuted with the Huawei Mate 9. So far Android Central is claiming that the latest version of EMUI feels great, so this is something that Honor 8 users can look forward to as well.
This is still developing and once a date is confirmed you will be able to find an update here.

5G mobile tech is definitely the way forward and it seems that BT group and Huawei totally agree with us on that.
Yesterday, the two entities announced a spicy partnership in which they will work towards developing 5G mobile technologies. Together, the two companies plan to “conduct pioneering joint research into 5G” and consider the “technical and commercial feasibility” of deploying 5G technologies, hoping to push the standardization and development of 5G in the industry.
Huawei and BT will conduct their work and research at BT Labs in Ipswich “and other locations around the UK” said a BT report.
The major focus of their work according to the report is network slicing to allow operators to divide network resources to specific services; network architecture, specifically “a new air interface between devices and base stations”, security technologies, and the development of machine-to-machine communications for Internet of Things (IoT) purposes. 

Gavin Patterson, the CEO of BT said that partnerships like this one is the key to moving 5G technology forward. 
Patterson also said that the partnership with smartphone maker Huawei will see both companies exploring the potential of 5G networking in order to meet the needs of customers in both the consumer market and enterprises across the globe. 
Recall that as at last September, Huawei became part of the new 5G Automotive Association together with Intel, Nokia, Qualcomm, Ericsson, as well as German car manufacturers Audi, BMW, and Daimler. While BT in August 2016 announced their collaboration with Nokia, agreeing to work together on the creation of 5G Proof of Concept trials. 

Photo Crd: Android Headlines

Panic ensued on Tuesday when it was reported that some Android phones were having their information (texts, contacts etc) sent to a remote Chinese server.
According to the report, this was made possible by a software created by Adups. A security firm, Kryptowire, discovered through research and investigation that the software was sending data from devices back to servers in China. 
The software was at the time, reportedly affecting phones from various different manufacturers, including ZTE, Huawei, and BLU devices. The BLU phones that were affected were fixed through a software update according to the original report following acknowledgement of the issue by BLU, but it wasn’t until today that ZTE had issued a statement themselves, which sought to reassure U.S. customers of ZTE devices that no ZTE phones in the U.S. had been affected by the Adups software.

Chinese company Huawei have added their voice reassuring consumers of their dedication and that things would be smoothed out. The statement said; "We take their customer’s privacy and security very seriously,” they added that the company who contracted Adups is not an approved supplier and that they have never conducted any form of business with them. With that in mind, it still must raise a little bit of concern for users of devices from any of these manufacturers, but more to the point it serves as nice reminder that customers should only be purchasing their devices through legitimate means, such as official retailers that partner up with companies like Huawei, ZTE, and BLU.
The company which sold the devices with the Adups software is reportedly Chinese though their name is as yet undisclosed.
What this means in essence is that the actual manufacturers (Huawei, ZTE etc) were not involved in the scandal. 

With Xiaomi wowing everyone with their Bezel-less smartphone it seems their Chinese competitors Huawei could be releasing one of their own soon.
While other manufacturers like Samsung are also believed to be making smartphones with similar displays, it seems Huawei might be the next in line.The latest whispers out of China suggest that Huawei is going to launch its bezel-less smartphone on December 16th.
According to online sources, Huawei is going to source the display panel for this device from Samsung. The display panel on this device is rumored to be curved on all four sides and that’s how it’s also rumored to be for the Galaxy S8, but Samsung Display hasn’t made the panel public yet, and it’s unlikely that the company will let a competitor introduce it in the market before it.
With that in mind, it would be prudent to take the information with a pinch of salt. There has as yet been no announcement made on this possible development.
Huawei could do it though especially when you consider that they have ambitions to overthrow Apple in two years, to do this they are going to have to do some pretty amazing stuff and a Bezel-less phone might just be a good place to start.

Huawei unveiled their Mate 9 smartphone in Munich, Germany promising that the Chinese smartphone is going to go head to head with the likes of Apple and Samsung in terms of quality and with an even better battery.
While at it, the Chinese company also taunted the South Korean giants Samsung a bit promising those in attendance that the phone would suffer "No Explosions" while charging.
Huawei consumer electronics chief Richard Yu jokingly promised got a lot of laughter from the crowd gathered at a hotel in the German city at the joke.
Huawei has set itself the ambitious target of becoming the largest smartphone maker by market share within three to four years.
According to market research firm IDC, Huawei held 9.3 percent of the global market in the second quarter of 2016, placing it third behind Samsung with 22.8 percent and Apple with 11.7 percent.
But Huawei holds the number one spot in its home market China and says it is making inroads into European markets such as Spain and Italy, where consumers often buy phones and SIM cards separately rather than bundled from their network operator.
To compete with the bigger brands, Yu highlighted some of the steps Huawei is taking to keep up and even surpass the others including improved processing and gaming performance, longer battery life and faster charging.
"The most important part of this phone is speed," he said.
He claimed that the phone would launch popular apps like WhatsApp and Twitter around 50 percent faster than competing models from Apple and Samsung.

Rumours have circled around for ages about HTC handling Google's Nexus line-up for 2016, the rumours go as far as to indicate a three-year deal which will see Google and HTC in cahoots on the project going forward. 
Due to all this talk one would have thought that the idea of a non-HTC Nexus phone was simply a dream.
Well no more.
Huawei have according to a report from Gearburn said they would be in the Nexus game this year.
Charlene Munilall who is Huawei's general manager of its phone business in South Africa, was asked why Nexus handsets had not been made available in the country, but point blank she said "we're doing the Nexus again this year, by the way." 
This fits in well with comments made by other Huawei execs following the announcement of Google's Daydream VR project; none other than Huawei Director Richard Yu confirmed that the company plans to launch a Daydream compatible handset in Autumn, during an interview with the Wall Street Journal.  
This could very well mean the non-Nexus Huawei device that is speced for Daydream, it seems reasonable to suppose that whatever Nexus devices Google launches going forward, whether Huawei, HTC or otherwise, will be Daydream compatible. 
Yu also stated that Huawei's team-up with Leica for camera tech was a long-term partnership for at least five years, but although that means we can expect to see more Leica camera-equipped Huawei devices we wouldn't go banking on the next Huawei Nexus to pack such a dual-camera setup.
It will certainly be interesting to see how a Nexus/Huawei teamup will be like. We're definitely looking forward to it.
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