Google has launched a new messaging app called "Allo" which is now available on playstore for download.The Allo app could be the next most rated messaging app as it looks to have better features compared to other messaging apps.

The app does not have video or voice calling features which was intentionally excluded due to the fact that google aims to promote their recently released Google Duo App which supports this features.But this does not make the app less interesting cause the app has so many fun features that users would find very attractive and fun to use.

Allo's Exciting Features:

  1. Smart word suggestion: The Allo app can read conversations and suggest words based on the conversation.That's why Google calls it a "smart messaging app".
  2. Incognito mode: This feature allows users have safer convos,when the incognito mode is turned on your chats self destructs within a giving period of time just like snapchat.
  3. Stickers and templates: With stickers you literally don't have to text much,there are lots of  fun sticker packs and templates to download.
  4. Google Assistance: With the help of Google assistance users can get quick access to making plans during chat,like getting locations for events,nearby places and more.
  5. You can start up group conversations.
You you have to do to start enjoying this great messaging app is to visit the google play store,search for the Allo app and install.But if shows coming soon you can pre-register to get notification as soon as the app can now be downloaded for installation.