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Any Street Fighter fan will always remember Akuma;s emergence into the street fighter franchise at the end of Street Fighter 2 Turbo as a secret character at the very end.

The vengeful warrior who only wants death and destruction will bring those tendencies into the new Street Fighter 5 next month according to online sources.
Akuma was teased at this weekend’s Capcom Pro Tour North American finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds in Seattle, Washington. According to the teaser, Akuma will be playable at this year’s PlayStation Experience, which takes place Dec. 3-4 in Anaheim, California.
Will Akuma be any different? Perhaps, we have a bearded Ryu and a different looking Ken so it's not weird that Akuma might change a bit. It was noticeable that the kanji on Akuma’s back — which is normally emblazoned with the Japanese word for heaven — appears to be different in the teaser reveal. We don't know what this means, but we'll sure as heck love to find out.
Akuma will join the likes of Juri, Ibuki and Guile as an added character, it'll be great to see how this turns out.

Switch....switch....switch, anyhow and anyway. It's a new gaming console by Nintendo and it's called the "Nintendo Switch" and would be launched March 2017, Can't wait to get a hands on review on this one.

This could be one of the best consoles next year, it has all the feature of both a stationary home and a portable mobile console......it is indeed unlimited. When you switch from home mode to portable mode, games will resume right where you left off. Just grab it and go.

With its multiplayer support you can invite all your friends, and if  you’re worried your friends are screenwatching or you’re just playing a game that isn’t suited for splitscreen, you can also pair multiple Switch units together to give each player a display of their own.

Check out the official trailer for a clearer picture.

If you are a PlayStation lover i know you are currently very desperate to lay your hands on the PlayStation VR Headset which is set to launch October 13th....Don't be in too much of a hurry cause first you may want to know what's in that Blue and White Box.

Coming from the official PlayStation Blog is the Unboxing of the VR headset...Trust me this would get you even more eager to get this.The Pre-Orders are on for those who want to be on the safe side by securing their headset.The VR headset bundle would cost you £349 ($399 US and $549.95 AU).

But sadly what's not in the box which you will still require is the PlayStation Camera and Move Controllers.But aside that all other requirements are in the box.

Check out the official unboxing video by Sid Shuman down below:

Enjoy better racing experience with the new Forza Horizon 3, now available on Xbox one game console and Windows 10 devices.

If you love HD graphics you should be the first to grab a copy of this game,This is the first game to use the new HDR feature in the Xbox One S.With awesome graphics users would enjoy.....believe me the gameplay is incredible,there a variety of cars from different makers with lots of beautiful racing locations.

There are also lots of exciting features in the game like; Festival mode, where users can create custom challenges with the Horizon Blueprint feature,you can also customise gameplay...users have the ability to the game like change the driver appearance,plate number and also the kind of sound you want to hear during gameplay.

There are three editions available, Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate...as you know high graphic games are never cheap so make sure you have a big budget.Below is a gameplay preview.

According to sources it has been confirmed true that UBISOFT would be launching a remastered Assassin's creed bundle by November 15 dubbed "The Ezio Collection".The Ezio collection will come with three remastered games which are Assassins Creed II,Brotherhood and Revelation.Isn't that great?,users will have the benefit to enjoy three mastered game package in one bundle.The shortcomings of the remastered games are you won't be able to play in multiplayer mode but would include all single-player expansions.

Since its going to be a remastered version,you should expect better graphics and improved gameplay features,with a lot of improvement and graphic upgrade made on the latest PS4 and Xbox console there are chances Ubisoft could include VR support.

The bundle will cost $60,cheap isn't it?.

Check out the trailer below;

If you don't have a PlayStation console yet...no worries cause you can now stream games directly on your PC and maybe Smartphone....i hope so....with the new game streaming service from Sony PlayStation called "PlayStation Now".....if you are are PC gamer out there this news should make your day.

But the PS Now service is currently available in Europe, with support for North America “coming soon.” There’s also no information on an India/Asia-Pacific release any time soon.

Well that's nothing to worry about cause i now for sure it's going to be available worldwide,lets just keep our fingers crossed.

So far the PS Now service is currently available only on the following devices; PS4,Select Bravia TV's and the PS Vita,with 400 PS3 titles already available including God of war,the last of us,uncharted and more.Sony has also made available a Wireless USB adapter for the PS4 DualShock 4 controller (for $24.99) allowing you to connect one DS4 controller to your PC,according to report Sony is currently Evaluating Mac support for the PS Now service but the controller is fully compatible.This Software will work on your PC if it has the following configuration;

Windows 7 (SP1), 8.1 or 10
5 GHz Intel Core i3 or 3.8 GHz AMD A10 or faster
300 MB or more; 2 GB or more of RAM
Sound card; USB port
5Mbps or higher internet bandwidth

However the streaming isn't free,Sony is offering 2 subscription plans,you either do a monthly plan for ($19.99) or a three months plan for ($44.99) but there's going to be a 7 days free trial.

This is also an amazing news,Microsoft is offering to make all games on the Xbox One available on PC as well...I'm a PC gamer and this news has made my day.

Brace yourself all you game lovers cause you might just be witnessing the unveiling of the PlayStation 4 NEO on the 7th of September in a special event themed "PlayStation Meeting", not forgetting the fact that we could also be witnessing the unveiling of the Apple IPhone 7 on the same day.

Rumors of an advanced PlayStation 4 code named ‘NEO’ started in March on Kotaku. The new console is supposed to be much more powerful than the existing PlayStation 4 in order to support more demanding games, and especially for the PlayStation VR headset.Virtual reality is the current trend in technology now as we all know......this makes gaming experience more like reality and also demands a lot more improved graphics.The VR headset will still work for the old PS 4 but goes better with the new PS 4 NEO.

Also if you have a 4k TV you might want to buy the PS 4 Neo cause it supports 4K movies, TV shows and even games.

The Xbox One ‘Scorpio which would unveil next year is said to be a competitor to the PS 4 NEO and also a more improved Console.

According to reports it is said that the trial production of the gaming console Nintendo NX would begin in the third quarter of 2016 and full production would commence in the fourth,about one quarter ahead of the 2017 schedule.The initial plan was to begin production in the second quarter of 2016 but plans changed due to change in design and some other components,the NX  according to reports will use Nvidia's ARM-architecture Tegra X1.

Taiwan-based supply chain makers say;
"Over 40% of initial production will be undertaken by Foxconn Electronics and the remaining by Japan-based Misumi Electronics and Hosiden. Taiwan-based component makers will include chassis maker Foxconn Technology, NAND flash memory maker Macronix International, CMOS image sensor design house Pixart Imaging and power supply maker Delta Electronics".

I love retro games. I grew up in the 90s, my first console was a Super Nintendo Entertainment system (SNES). 
It came with a Street Fighter Cartridge which is probably why i'm still a fan of the game till tomorrow and probably forever. I also had the NES
Collecting then was fun, but then times changed. There's the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64 and that's just from Nintendo, finding space for all that will be a hassle for any collector of retro games.
But that might no longer be a problem, there's one gadget showcased at Computex in Taiwan that could be a collector's dream-- The Retro Freak.
The Retro Freak is a nifty little console that will provide a home for all your favourite old games, with slots for well-loved cartridges and an '80s-perfect controller to boot.
It also promises a bunch of features that certainly weren't around in the '80s:
  • HDMI connectivity
  • 1,280x720-pixel upscaling
  • Display filter to smooth out pixelated edges
  • In-machine game saving (via SD card)
  • Support for USB controllers such as PS3/PS4
  • Supports NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Sega Megadrive (with converter), Game Boy (Original, Color and Advance), Turbo Grafx-16, PC Engine and PC Engine Super Grafx games
So you can play your classics; Mario Kart, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Killer Instinct etc. Just chuck in your SNES cartridge, plug the Retro Freak into your TV's HDMI port and you can go back in time when things were simpler and you could just sit around playing video games without worrying about making a living and all that other stressful stuff.
The Retro Freak recreates your childhood down to the vintage-look scan lines on the screen that give those games a their real arcade flavour.
The interface is a little spare, but you can change your game's appearance by toggling features, such as those scan lines, on and off. You can also change the display filter to smooth out pixelated lines and adjust the refresh rate from what the original game demanded to up to 60Hz -- all to make the games adjust a little more easily to modern TVs.
You can also use cheats which will allow you to play with perpetual lives or a bottomless pit of money.
The console isn't in the US yet, though it's available in Asia for 20,000 yen (roughly $180, AU$250 and £125), with Australian distribution reportedly coming soon.
It looked really good though and i could just imagine playing my old favourites without having to look for some emulator somewhere.
So guys, what do you think? Gonna get one?

It won't be particularly odd to say that Sony's Playstation is probably winning the console wars at the moment.
Microsoft has a pretty loud voice, but it's probably not quite on par with Nintendo and Playstation. Nintendo seeing that they probably couldn't catch up with Playstation's AAA games, decided to take another route, paying more attention to making family oriented games and beloved titles.
Microsoft is trying but is still a little behind, they aren't giving up though as multiple reports indicate that Microsoft is about to announce a new, slimmer Xbox One around E3 in June, and a more powerful Xbox One next year.
In April 2016, FCC filings showed that Microsoft was working on two new consoles. Kotaku just confirmed this with more details on the company’s plans.
First according to kotaku, Microsoft is going to release a slimmer Xbox One in the coming months. The console should be just as powerful as the Xbox One, but as much as 40 percent smaller according to The Verge. While this console should be cheaper, it should also come with a beefy 2TB hard drive.
After that Microsoft could according to reports be preparing to announce a much more powerful Xbox One for next year. 
This could very well be in response to a rumored PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ that Sony is planning to announce this Fall. The Neo should be more powerful in order to work with the PlayStation VR headset.
The new Xbox one will be nicknamed ‘Scorpio’ and the plan is for all games to be compatible with both the old and new consoles the only perk being that the games look better on the newer consoles. 
Kotaku reports that the new Xbox One specs are not certain at the moment. Polygon however, has learned that Microsoft is targeting 6 teraflops of GPU power, more than the PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’. Microsoft could be working with Oculus to make its console compatible with the Oculus VR headset.

The Gear VR headset from Samsung has arguably been one of the biggest things to arrive in the world of virtual reality. 
And Samsung don't want to stop there, they're taking it up a bit with a dedicated gaming controller possibly being thrown into the mix.
This is according to some leaked renders published by Samsung Mania. This device will presumably replace Samsung’s pretty standard wireless gamepad, which is the default option for users with a Gear VR at the moment.
The replacement controller looks pretty ordinary, with a basic gaming layout and Bluetooth support. You can see a single joystick and four circular buttons in front, along with a menu button and LED power indicator. 
At the back, Samsung deigned to add a left and right trigger and a Bluetooth sync button in the middle.
It all looks pretty cool, it also sports a textured plastic that should feel comfortable when you hold it. To heighten the experience, Samsung even nicely added small indents on either side so you can pop the controller into the Gear VR headset when it’s not in use.
Cool huh
On the flip side though, it seems there will be no motion tracking sensors with the controller. 
That little kink would have made it possible to interact directly with objects in virtual reality, instead of simply offering a traditional gaming interface. 
Of course all this could end up being absolute hogwash, there's also no estimated time or release or estimated price, so we have to observe carefully.
 If it is going to happen though, it could very well come pretty soon. Maybe even in time for the new Galaxy Note 7 phablet, which is expected to get an updated Gear VRheadset to match its new dimensions.
Fingers crossed.
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