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With the Mobile World Conference coming up in another week or so, people are already looking out for what Samsung might do and whether they will be unveiling the Galaxy S8.

Sadly they will not.

What they will do is unveil a new Android tablet at the show. But all is not lost as there have been reports that we will get a teaser video at the MWC which is on the 26th of February.

Also reports have suggested that we get the release date of Galaxy S8 the day after (that's the 27th)


According to Hankyung, a Korean outlet, Samsung’s DJ Koh will announce the Galaxy S8’s launch date at MWC 2017. The most recent rumors said the phone will be unveiled on March 29th at an Unpacked event in New York City, but the Galaxy S8 series won’t hit stores until a few weeks later — April 21st is one possible release date for the phone, according to a source with a good track record.

Koh previously confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will not make an appearance at the mobile trade show in Barcelona, Spain.

The Galaxy S8 might have come earlier but for the disaster with the Note 7 which meant that Samsung not only had to investigate but also had to figure out how to get safer batteries and so on.

The MWC is less than two weeks away, so till then we'll update you if we get something new.

Samsung truly want to take 2017 by storm, with the noise coming about the Galaxy S8 which is to launch in late March before becoming available for purchase in April.

What's interesting is that a report from the Guardian claims that users will be able to turn the S8 into an Android-running desktop computer by hooking it up to a dock, monitor and keyboard, with a new feature called desktop extension (DeX).

Expected to work in a similar manner to Microsoft’s Continuum, Samsung will likely use DeX to push the S8 as a bona fide business device.

Reports that have been swirling for a while also state that the Galaxy S8 will come in two different size options from 5-6-inches, and feature a larger screen than its predecessors.

The display will reportedly cover a huge chunk of the smartphone’s front face, what this means is that there's likely to be no room for a home button or even Samsung’s logo. The solution? they moved the fingerprint scanner to the phone’s rear side.

The two phone variants are said to feature dual-edge curved displays, like the Galaxy S7 Edge also contrary to earlier reports, it seems Samsung is keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack around.

The iris-scanning biometric technology used by the Note 7 will be included too, allowing users to unlock the S8 and authenticate purchases with their eyes.

This new ability to act as a desktop while not exactly new, would certainly be another reason why the Galaxy S8 might just be the go-to phone for 2017.

It's a new year and naturally with a new year comes new rumours, scandals and launches and the latest is the one involving the Samsung Galaxy S8.
According to some industry insiders, the Samsung Flagship phone will be released on the 18th of April which looking at the release of other flagships is quite late. 
For comparison Galaxy S7/S7 Edge was released last year on March 11.

Before now, Samsung was said to be readying an announcement for the Galaxy S8 at MWC next month, but late design changes and reports about the Note 7 issues made the Korean company push it back.
Unoffically, it seems it was a hardware problem rather than the battery that caused the S7 to explode and with that in mind, changes had to be made.
Not only on the inside did the changes occur but on the outside too with the bezel in the phone expected to be nonexistent and the display would take around 90% of the front of the device. 
That's all we know for now, but keep in mind that this is just a rumor and it could turn out to be a complete untruth.
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