So it's certainly not news that the Samsung Note 7 is well and truly dead. All the units have been recalled, it had been banned from every conceivable means of transport (including Camels) and it's all gone, but it cost a lot of money, therefore there's always someone (a few people) who feel they should be okay.
Well, even if they thought so, they may be unable to use the Note 7. New Zealand phone companies are working with Samsung to start blacklisting any Note 7 devices left rogue hence placing the final nail in the coffin of the Note 7.
According to an online magazine,Stuff, New Zealand Telecommunications Forum estimates that there are a "few hundred" devices left active in the country, but not for long. Starting on November 18th, Note 7 devices won't work on any of New Zealand's cell networks.
This isn't being achieved by a remote software update, but rather by blacklisting the IMEI number of every Note 7 handset. The phones will still work offline or over Wi-Fi, but there won't be any cellular data connection. In theory, a particularly dumb or stubborn user could keep using their Note 7 with a portable hotspot, but that's about it.
While it's only in New Zealand at the moment, it is only logical that Samsung will do the same thing for other countries in the world so as to stop people using the Note 7. 
You can see how this would be in Samsung's interest as another explosion would mean even more bad press and they have enough of that to be dealing with at the moment.
Data released shortly after the second recall showed that usage of Note 7 devices was still on the rise despite the recall.
But with this measure, odds are they might finally succeed in ending what would be a very memorable chapter for Samsung.