First i must admit, the sets of BlackBerry coming in these days are awesome and what makes it very much interesting is that they aren't just working on redesigning the shapes and feel of their devices instead they work on the software too. That is something BlackBerry fans weren't expecting.

iPhone were the first to do something like this and Nokia took up the step by introducing Android and Microsoft but BlackBerry maintained on this OS 10 generation which has tremendously changed the way BB Users communicate with their phone.

Anyways that's by the side, i am here to introduce you to the all new BlackBerry OS 10 version 3 (10.3) which according to the company it brings together a new look and feel, along with powerful new productivity features designed to boost productivity, collaboration and communication.

  • Android FULLY compatible Operating System with more ways to access apps. It's Android and BlackBerry Apps all in one OS!!! Now that's two for one.

  • The Power to go anywhere, Blackberry Blend brings messaging and content that's on your BlackBerry to your Computer and Tablet with just a click a way.

  • BlackBerry Personal Assistant feature works like charm, you can manage your email, contatcs, calendar and other BB 10 features through Voice and Text command (You can say that's a SiRi beta lol) 

  • BlackBerry Hub fully functional.

Now isn't it tempting to move to BlackBerry now that everything is at your finger tips ?