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Your favorite Designer is back, and as always, it brings with it something dynamic and affordable. The brand Coz has decided to make life a bit easy with her new collection Coz wallet. 

Below are the official images. Keep up with us on Facebook Coz Fashion Designs Twitter @misstourisimnig and Instagram @coz_designs . 

Also visit our website www.cozempire.com to remain informed daily. Got something to share with us, Email us cozitsus @ gmail.com, we always love to hear from you.

Atari Interactive Inc teams up with Audiowear to give us this amazing Speakerhat looking just like a snapback except that the speakers are underneath the cap.

Now this Speakerhat comes with two embedded speakers and a microphone that connects to you device via Bluetooth.

This Speakerhat is yet to go on sale because according to Atari official website, they are still looking for beta testers. However some sources claim these Speakerhat will be out this fall and the first release will be a Limited edition. So we're guessing it'll be more expensive than a BeatbyDre ?

Anyways if you're tired of headphones or earphones, i think it's time you'd like to bathe your face with music by getting one of this Speakerhat once it's out.

I don't know how this would turn out when it comes to sales and revenue, i sure hope they sell.

Also just imagine everyone's in a public transport and there are 12 passengers and 7 of them have Speakerhats ? That would be disastrous.

Well it could be good for reading, or at the gym.

Nigeria’s mobile 4G LTE service provider Ntel recently launched their first featured phone with VoLTE features and functionalities and today we're taking a look at it, the spec and the price is also something we'd liken to find out.

Looking through it’s feature, one can almost want to compare it to the new Nokia 3310 but unfortunately there are certain features this phone has that Nokia 3310 can’t ever dream of having.

In defence to why a 4G LTE network delved into the mobile phone market, here’s what the company said

“The entry of ntel NOVA into the device market signals a new dawn in the evolution of the Nigerian 4G/LTE segment which has been impacted by concerns around the availability and affordability of 4G/LTE-capable devices. Our investment in ntel NOVA further underscores our firm commitment to changing the game in the 4G/LTE broadband segment and to support the actualization of the penetration targets outlined in the National Broadband Plan of 2013

Well now let’s check out the phone specs and the bundles it came with.


SIM Card Slot: 2 (Dual Sim)
Screen size: 3.5 inch
Camera: 8MP Rear, 2MP Front
Internal Storage: 8GB
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Talk time: 9hrs
Touchscreen: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Wifi: Yes
Hotspot: Yes
Earphone jack: Yes
USB: Yes, 2.0
Battery: 1800mAh
Internet Apps: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Internet Browser
Colors: Grey, Gold and Rose Gold.

To get this device, you would have to pick one of the two bundles it came with, Nova Max and Nova XL. Now let’s see the difference between the phones.

Ntel Nova Max Bundle:

Data: 25GB (Valid for 30 days)
On-Net Calls: Unlimited
Off-Net Calls: 250 Mins
Network: 4G LTE

Price: N25,000

Ntel Nova XL Bundle:

Data: 50GB (Valid for 90 days)
On-Net Calls: Unlimited
Off-Net Calls: 500 Mins
Network: 4G LTE

Price: N30,000

You can get this phone from Konga, Jumia or any Ntel stores in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt only.

Watch dwayne johnson siri ad for apple, we think it's lit.

When it comes to creative ads, you can put Apple on the list of companies that sure knows how to create that catchy ad and this ad is one of them.

In this ad, we see The Rock and Siri getting along so well you would almost believe this is how smart and efficient Siri is (alot of iPhone users would agree with this). Anyways the point of the Advert is for we Apple consumers to rejuvenate our faith in Siri.

The 3minute 45 seconds ad looks like a trailer of a robotic alien movie and at the end we see The Rock dominating the day by storming on the robot.

Check it out!!!

As at the time of writing this piece, it has gained over 2.2Million views on Apple's official YouTube Channel. Thanks to Dwayne ?

iPhone 8's metal frame just got leaked and it looks authentic! See photos.

Amids the latest news from Apple, we learnt the Californian giant tech company will be announcing 3 new iPhones this fall and they are iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8.

All of this phones comes in the same screen sizes as the iPhone 7 recently launched which is 4.7 and 5.5 with LCD displays while the iPhone 8 comes with an OLED display and it's 5.6 diagonal.

While we anticipate for this announcement to be official, what's your take on this iPhone 8 frames ?


IMG Src: Tomsitpro

These days, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are synonymous with unblocking websites. Need to watch U.S. Netflix abroad? Use a VPN. Want to Google something in China? Use a VPN. Itching to use Facebook? You get the idea.

However, simple using a VPN to access blocked sites would be selling it short. Want to unlock the full potential of your online Swiss Army knife? Here are four more ways to use your VPN.
1. Secure your data
VPNs were first created to enable businesses to share confidential information securely. Although they have since been adapted for private use, they remain a wonderful asset for data security.

Next time you log in to your online banking service or social media profile, fire up your VPN to make sure your account credentials are encrypted and shielded from opportunistic third parties.

Some users may worry that using a VPN makes it difficult to access local network devices, thereby creating a dilemma between security and convenience. The good news? Split tunneling is now a standard feature of leading VPNs, allowing you to send your internet traffic through the VPN tunnel while retaining local network access.
2. Stay anonymous online
Not only can VPNs keep your data safe, but they can also keep your online identity a mystery.

Internet service providers (ISP), governments, and some web services often track individual browsing histories. While some do so for public safety reasons and others for profit, the truth is, your fundamental right to online privacy is being violated.

By encrypting all of your device traffic and sending it through the VPN server before it reaches the internet, a VPN hides your online identity from the rest of the world. Even if someone could see the online requests you’re sending, it’d be impossible for them to link it back to you.

So next time you’re thinking of torrenting something, remember to turn on your VPN first—your ISP or local authorities don’t need to know about it.
3. Get more from online gaming
Gamers live and die by their internet connection. No matter how good you are, a laggy connection often results in you getting pwned by angsty teenagers somewhere else in the world.

When you use a VPN, your internet traffic no longer runs through your ISP. This makes it impossible for them to throttle your connection, giving you high-speed gameplay every step of the way.

What’s more, a VPN helps gamers beat geo-restrictions by changing your IP address to an overseas one. Want to join a match that only allows Russian IPs? Sure thing. Want to download some UK-only DLC? You got it.
4. Enjoy lower prices online
Spending a lot of money on your VPN provider? You can earn it all back when you shop online.

Whether it’s books or airline tickets, companies often show different prices to customers from different countries. The solution? Use your VPN and connect to a location with lower prices. Not only will you save more money, but you may even find exclusive deals not available in other regions in the world.

And when you finally reach that dreamy vacation locale via your discounted flight, let your VPN do the heavy lifting as you stay connected with friends and enjoy your favorite online entertainment.

Recently on GatesNotes, Microsoft Founder/CEO Bill Gates wrote about his next problem solving and it's eradicating Toilet Odors. The top five billionaire on Forbe list explained how he intend to do this and the company he found in Geneva that will be collaborating on this project. Read and also watch the Smell Of Success Video below...

I recently traveled to Switzerland to take a giant whiff of pit latrine odor. What I inhaled was a strong kick to the nostrils, a potent combination of sewage stink, barnyard sweat, and bitter ammonia topped off with vomit (or was it Parmesan cheese?). The stench was foul and made me wince.

Fortunately, I also got to smell something much fresher and more pleasing during my trip. I took the first sniffs of a future of odor-free toilets and better sanitation for all.

These olfactory revelations occurred during my tour of Firmenich, a family-owned fragrance and flavor company based in Geneva. The 120-year-old firm is known for crafting some of the world’s best-known fragrances and enhancing the flavors of beverages and foods. But it is also one of our foundation’s newest partners in the effort to improve sanitation in the world’s poorest countries.

I’ve written before about the world’s sanitation challenge. The numbers are staggering. One billion people have no access to toilets so they defecate out in the open. Three billion more have toilets, but their waste is dumped untreated, seeping into water and food supplies. About 800,000 children under age 5 die each year from diarrhea, pneumonia, and other common infections caused by unsafe water and sanitation. Beyond the tremendous human suffering, it’s a problem that slows economic development. In India alone, poor sanitation costs nearly $55 billion each year—more than 6 percent of GDP.

So how could a perfume company help?

Because smell matters.


WhatsApp Plus Apk Download - Smartfonefreaks.com

Download it here WhatsApp Plus Apk but before you go ahead here's why WhatsApp Messenger is one of the fastest mobile messaging App in the World, in fact it has taking over traditional SMS. We all know the story that Facebook now owns WhatsApp and are steadily working on it to improve it much better but when it comes to customization, WhatsApp inventors aren't down for that, that's why we have WhatsApp Plus

So what is WhatsApp Plus and who created it ?

WhatsApp Plus was developed by a Spanish developer named Rafelete, this genius wasn't ok with the way WhatsApp security is so he decided to modify the Original WhatsApp which now makes his a third party version.

So what's can WhatsApp Plus do ?

Apart from the normal feature from WhatsApp, with WhatsApp Plus you can use custom themes, Send large files to your friends and some other cool stuffs you might wanna check under the hood.

Haven said that, WhatsApp Plus is a good app and you'll enjoy the hidden features it has. Enjoy your privacy even better!


P.S: This is a third party App and you are responsible for the download. We did not claim WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are in partnership. They are two different entities but with the same goal.

HTC had a hard time of things last year with revenues and sales dropping in 2015. It was a forgettable year for them.

It's a new year though and the truth is, the potential release of any HTC phone brings about excitement, so you can imagine the excitement at the news that their upcoming offering, the Desire 628 has been leaked.

The HTC Desire appears to be a mid-range smartphone. With the leak already out there, it's likely we hear something official soon.

The person responsible for this leak is @the_malignant on twitter who seems to have reliable info on the phone.

The images provided by @the_malignant show the handset in two different color options: A white device with a blue/purple trim and a black one with red trimmings. 

The specs of the phone were also leaked.
The info provided speculates that the HTC Desire 628 will have a 1.3GHz MediaTek MTK6753 octa-core processor and a 5-inch display with resolution of 1280 x 720 (HD). 

Also 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage (expandable with a microSD card) are thrown in there.

It's also been tipped to contain  a 13-megapixel rear camera with f/2.0 aperture and BSI sensor, a 5-megapixel shooter at the front, and a 2200 mAh battery. 

It's a dual SIM handset (Isn't every android phone these days) and has a plastic unibody build. 

As for the price of the phone, there's been no news yet, but it's only a matter of time before something pops on that end and we'll keep you posted on the development.

You can in the meantime keep yourselves busy with the images of the leaks below

Images via GSMarena

Chinese company Xiaomi today released their rather ambitiously sized Mi Max today at an event in China.

They had yesterday released a couple of teaser videos to whet the appetite of potential users highlighting the sheer size of the phone, it's powerful battery and all the other cool stuff it's supposed to be able to do.

The videos are in mandarin, but you can get the basic gist of what they are trying to say.

See them below.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

The teasers take on a very humorous hue to give fans something to cheers about.

What does the phone actually promise though,

The new Xiaomi Mi Max is set to feature ridiculously huge 6.44-inch full-HD (1080x1920) 342ppi display which will conveniently make it the company's largest phone yet.

It's also to come in an all-metal body and will features colours such as Dark Grey, Gold, and Silver. The new phablet from Xiaomi also features a fingerprint scanner which is located at the rear panel.

The Chinese company announced that the Xiaomi Mi Max come in three models with three price ranges: $230 gets you the 3GB RAM and 32GB storage model powered by a 1.8GHz hexa-core Snapdragon 650 processor, $261 will springboard you to the 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage model powered by a 1.8GHz octa-core Snapdragon 652 processor, and a third model priced at $307 for the 4GB of RAM with 128GB of storage and powered by Snapdragon 652 processor.

The dual-SIM handset supports 4G LTE with VoLTE, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS/ A-GPS with Glonass, and Wi-Fi 802.11ac with Mimo. It is backed by a massive 4850mAh battery. It features a hybrid SIM tray. It measures 173.1x88.3x7.5mm and weighs 203 grams.

All in all, it looks like a pricey yet handy phone to have around.

The key specs of the phone look something like this.

The get a look at the sleek phone check out these photos.

The Samsung Galaxy Note series have been rather popular on the market ever since the first iteration. With the Galaxy Note 6, Samsung seem to have found themselves another winner.

The Note 6 has been rumored to come with a metal build, a massive 5.8-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 823 processor with a whooping 6GB of RAM, 12-megapixel Super OIS Plus camera, 4000mAh battery and of course the S Pen which is a fan favorite.

The note 6 will have to compete with its cousin the S7 though and it will be interesting to see how that pans out, but with a loyal fanbase, it is the opinion of this writer that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will do just fine.

The phone is expected to hit shelves sometime later this year, but there have been leaked photos, renders and so on. You are free to avail yourself of some of them below.


Well, guys, you like curves?
Well the new creation from the Human Media Lab at Queen's University certainly has them. 

The first holographic smartphone with ample flexibility will hit store shelves at some point in the future but first the makers have this video to show to keep your appetite whetted.

The Holoflex as the phone is called has a touchscreen that allows users to see and manipulate holographic images by simply bending the phone.

 The Queen’s University in a press release said  "Images are rendered into 12-pixel wide circular blocks rendering the full view of the 3D object from a particular viewpoint. 

"These pixel blocks project through a 3D printed flexible microlens array consisting of over 16,000 fisheye lenses. The resulting 160 x 104 resolution image allows users to inspect a 3D object from any angle simply by rotating the phone."The resolution is the spot of trouble though, with the i-Phone 6 spotting an impressive 750 x 1334 is vastly superior to the Holoflex which comes in at a much less impressive 160 x 104.

The Holoflex gains major brownie points especially with its input method.

There was an Angry Birds demo used to test out the phone. In the video, the user was bending the phone to increase tension in the slingshot in-game and that's pretty darn cool.

Also according to the creators, the touchscreen can be used to maninpulate objects in the x and y axes, while squeezing the display to move objects along the z-axis. Due to the wide view angle, multiple users can examine a 3D model simultaneously from different points of view.

"By employing a depth camera, users can also perform holographic video conferences with one another", says Dr. Vertegaal from the Queen researchers. 

"When bending the display users literally pop out of the screen and can even look around each other, with their faces rendered correctly from any angle to any onlooker".

The HoloFlex is still a ways from full completion but will be unveiled by the Queen’s researchers in San Jose, California at the top conference in Human-Computer Interaction, ACM CHI 2016, on May 9.

We're certainly looking forward to it.

Samsung seems to have something brewing again with leaks of their new offering the C5 hitting the internet over the last couple of weeks.

The phone has yet to be announced, but it has been heavily leaked, with a cool looking front and back image of the phone available for viewing.

The shots give an indication of what to expect with the C series from Samsung; a metal-clad body, antenna bands and a thin body.

The front looks quite Samsung though with the almost spherical home button that has become practically trademark Samsung. 

But what's on the inside,

In terms of Specs, the Galaxy C5 sounds the part. The whispers promise a 5.2-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 617 octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 16/8MP camera combo and Android Marshmallow. 

From the look of things, the Galaxy C5 sounds like a pretty sweet phone, a definite upgrade to the A series and with its sleek design could make it a pretty good i-Phone doppelganger (in some design aspects at least)

No idea how much it would cost or its initial release date but then again it's been heavily leaked, so odds are we'll hear something pretty soon.

Opera launched their inbuilt VPN service on their browser. What it allowed users to do essentially was to bypass usage caps or indiscriminate monitoring, allowing the user access to free streaming without the hassle of data caps or online monitoring. This will be especially useful to those who want a way to work around restricted internet access, like those pesky I.T. departments at work or elsewhere.

On installation on mobile devices, it removes all those annoying ad-tracking cookies, you know, the ones that stalk you all over the internet – and then try to lure you in with adverts that they feel you'd like and such.

Opera also explains that the app allows users to encrypt their local web traffic, for further privacy protection. This is useful when using unencrypted public Wi-Fi networks, too.

This helps people who would like to keep their business private especially with their personal devices. In this era of constant online monitoring, the Opera VPN is helping people bypass these restrictions and giving them a sense of privacy.

Chris Houston, President of Surfeasy, Opera’s VPN division, said in an announcement released this morning.“Every day, millions of people, from students to working people, find that social-media sites like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are blocked when they surf on their campus or workplace Wi-Fi. The same goes for video-streaming sites,

 “With the new Opera VPN app, we help people to break down the barriers of the web and enjoy the internet like it should be,”

The good news now is-- the app has now come to the iOS, which means that users of the i-Phone and i-Pad also have access to the protection Opera's VPN provides. The user will have to open the settings page of the browser and turn it on as it's off by default.

The VPN app, at launch, lets you choose from one of five virtual locations: the U.S., Canada, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands. It’s also available in several languages, including English, Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

An android version is already in the works, but iOS users...yay!

Hey guys, i've got Good and Bad News for ya'll concerning one of Nigeria's fastest ISP (Internet Service Provider) Spectranet Nigeria , they will be rolling out a new plan on March 15 and it's due to perhaps the challenges facing the Nigerian economy. from the dollar to naira exchange rate fluctuation to a gradual fuel scarcity and every other thing in the country rising beyond expectation. (Pss! Sachet Water is officially N10).

Anyways i'm not here to talk about politics in the Nigerian economy, this is about Spectranet's new plan which i think might affect SME/Work At Home entrepreneurs. Well let's take a recap, if you remember i posted

Spectranet Nigeria now offers almost Unlimited Data Plan - See 2014 Prices.

sometime in 2014

Well the post however go huge views and i guess people loved the good news but this time i think it's going to be bad news for other people due to the price hike which went to over 40% increase and i think it's really sad.

 See the image below for the new price plan rolling out on the 15th of March 2016...

New Plan Rates in Words:

  • 2GB - N3,000 - 24x7 - Monthly  - No Bonus

  • 5GB - N5,000 - 24x7 - Monthly - No Bonus

  • 20GB - N10,000 - 24x7 - Monthly  - Yes Bonus: 10GB +Free Night Browsing Unlimited

  • 50GB - N20,000 - 24x7 - Monthly - Yes Bonus: 10GB +Free Night Browsing Unlimited

  • 100GB - N40,000 - 24x7 - Monthly  - Yes Bonus: 10GB +Free Night Browsing Unlimited

  • 200GB - N70,000 - 24x7 - Monthly - Yes Bonus: 10GB +Free Night Browsing Unlimited

  • 20GB - N7,500 - 7pm-7am - Monthly - No Bonus

  • 5GB - N5,000 - 7pm-7am - Monthly - No Bonus


Compared to this back in 2014...

They really scrapped alot of plans tho!

Now let's see the difference using a plan as an example, back then and up till today(March 04) Spectranet Nigeria's Cheapest Night plan used to be N4,000 for 20GB 6pm to 8am but now the new price for this same plan is now N7,500 for 20GB 7pm to 7am. Old subscribers to this plan will never go for this trust me!

Well the special adviser to Spectranet Nigeria thought as much so what they did is, if you buy the 24x7 Plan which used to be N7,000 for 20GB monthly and now N10,000 for the same 20GB you get 10GB extra and UNLIMITED Night browsing(designed for people who don't like to sleep, this FREE browsing starts by 1AM and ends 7AM).

But this is the BIG KILL!!! Especially for those who used to subscribe for the N7,000 plan, N3,000 difference for an all night UNLIMITED BROWSING and 10GB extra should serve justice to that extra cost. I trust some Night surfers will abuse this but before the do they have to serve time till 1AM in the midnight before the FREE NIGHT BROWSING activates.

So the summary here is that, whether you like it or not Spectranet has upgraded their plan to take more money from your pocket to meet up with the current situation in the country. I'm certain this plan would beat their competitors Swift, Smile etc (Prove me wrong in the comments below)

Let me elaborate tho, with the dollar brouhaha and the so called Epileptic Power sector how do we expect this guys to cope ? Especially when they buy this data with Dollars from the Fiber Optics guys ? As at to Naira to One dollar is N330

I'm not justifying this hike but when a business has to Strive the customers are the ones to pay the Price!

See you guys later and hopefully my next post on Spectranet would be that they have finally brought back the 24/7 UNLIMITED PLAN!

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