If recent reports are to be believed, we could be seeing future Samsung phones using another operating system besides the Android.

The Korean company has been reported to be planning to use the Tizen 3.0. OS for one of their upcoming smartphones

According to GSM Arena, Samsung is developing a smartphone that will not run its usual Android OS and will instead be using the OS for their wearables and other tech products. 

Word on the street is that the Tizen 3.0. mobile OS will be incorporated to an upcoming Samsung phone dubbed as Samsung Pride.


Little is known about this phone but there have been suggestions that it would be like the Z series that was previously introduced by Samsung.

The said development of the device and the incorporation of the said OS aims to market voice control functionality rather than phone's hardware, according to Phone Arena. Also, Samsung Pride will reportedly feature Bixby, Samsung's newest virtual assistant.

The plan for the device is for it to be introduced to some of the more emerging markets such as India, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. In Europe, those interested in trying the Tizen 3.0 OS, may be able to purchase the device in Russia, as mentioned by the same website. There is still no news at the moment about a European release for Samsung's Tizen 3.0 smartphone.