This year(2012) has been a great year for smartphone makers and users, and its been a wonderful time for apps developers coz they've seen some things people want to do with their smartphones but this ones for BB users and I've comprised what tends to be on every blackberry owners phone and they are also the most widely used apps for 2012...

1 BlackBerry Messenger(BBM): Blackberry Messenger tends to be the number one coz without it I don't think there would be BlackBerry also no app that can replace it as far as its on a BlackBerry Platform. Its also the Fastest when it comes to chatting, sending and receiving pictures, VN's(Voice Notes), Broadcasting a message to hundreds of people at the same time.

2 Twitter: Taking second sure isn't a mistake coz people tend to be on it more often than others. Its a social networking site used in tweeting, sending messages, making Friends, knowing what is currently Trending in the world, your country, State and also seeing what your favorite Stars are talking about.  Website

3 Facebook: Takes third position because its basically used by its users for sharing pictures they just snapped and upload, you find tons of people online yet they are not ready for a chat coz they are on BBM and Twitter. But its still doing well the new mobile app GUI is very cool, you can now save photos right from the app to your phone instead of munching it which I find a great step for them.

4 OperaMini: The Fastest browser in the world taking the fourth position, This browser is mostly found on all most all BlackBerry smartphones its used for browsing the web, downloading music, saving internet pictures, reading online news and much more. Its the fastest browser you can ever rely on. Website

5 BlackBerry Native Browser: This is Blackberry's default browser and its taking fifth position because this days people on BB tends to open links sent to them from their friends using this browser maybe coz its a bit fast and delivers the web page content more interesting(or its just that they are reluctant to Open it with other browers). This browser is best with OS 5 or Higher

6 Pixmix: This app like its name is used to mix any picture on your phone or memory card, with different type of templates/design that best suites your taste. There's paid and free version for this app and it can be purchased from Appworld.

7 Screen Muncher: Taking the seventh position is used for screen shoting any thing you're currently doing, if its a movie you're watching and you love a part you can just pause it and "HuM" it that's Munch it. Its a cool app with Paid and Free version on Appworld.

8 PicStory: Its about adding, editting and puting cool effects to your pictures just like Pixmix I mentioned above.

9 App World: BlackBerries very own app market used for purchasing and downloading applications,themes and games on your smartphone both Free/Trial and Paid.

10 Whatsapp: A mobile app for chatting and sharing files just by having your friends phone number. Whatsapp is a one year free app on a single number but after then you can purchase the app for just $0.99/year.  Website
And this comes to the end of the list, thanks for reading, though these are just my ratings from which I have observed from a lot of BB users around me and on the Social networks.