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The news that the iPhone 8 might cost more than a thousand dollars was received with mixed feelings-- some were of the opinion that this was way too much while others accepted that with the many features that were being introduced, it had to cost a pretty penny.

From the looks of things though, it seems like Apple might not be the only company with super expensive phones. Android device makers are expected to match some of the iPhones key parts.

This comes from a new report courtesy of research firm TrendForce who say that prices for key components including DRAM memory, NAND Flash storage, and AMOLED panels will continue to climb this year. Apparently, smartphone makers are looking for better parts when it comes to RAM, storage, and screens, facing tight supplies.


What this means is that it is quite likely that more and more high-end phones that use state of the art component are going to climb in prices too. 

For Instance, the report notes that numerous smartphone vendors are adopting faster LPDDR4X memory, which is more efficient but not more expensive than the LPDDR4 kind. Tight RAM supply is expected to keep pushing up the price of memory this year, which will see an average increase of 10% compared to last year.

The report notes that eMMC and UFS memory prices are going up, partly fueled by Chinese smartphone vendors who are looking to match storage specification of their devices with the iPhone. That means more flagship devices will move from 32GB/64GB storage options to 64GB/128GB but this also means that phones are likely to be more expensive due to memory and all.

So Phones are certainly getting better what with all the improvements we've read that will be made for phones everywhere, but this also translates to the fact that they will also likely be more expensive to purchase. 

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