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Well...bad new Apple fans. It seems the iPhone 8 (which has never been announced or confirmed yet) is going to be delayed.

Why? Well according to sources it's because of the proposed new 3D camera system made by STMicroelectroncs.

The iPhone, specifically the iPhone 7 Plus, already has a dual camera system so the super special and unorthodox iPhone 8 Anniversary Edition should probably have something better right?

And what's better than a 3D camera? The camera is said to use 3D imaging technologies, possibly laser-based, that could be used for facial recognition and, augmented reality.

This camera system will supposedly be made by STMicroelectronics, according to sources. There’s one problem: STMicro is supposedly not yet ready to provide Apple the number of components needed for an iPhone that is expected to sell like pancakes. Despite the speculated $1,000 price tag. As such, STMicro is asking for a bit more time to fulfill the order.

So yeah, it seems the iPhone 8 will have to wait for a while.

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