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With the growing popularity of E-sports and gaming in general, we have seen a raft of gaming courses flood schools with support from the gaming industry itself.

One of the latest for this is Torrens University's Media Design School as they have recently announced that it has been accredited by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to its PlayStation First Academic Development Programme. 

Torrens joins the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (also Australia) in being accepted into the program.

What this means basically is that education providers will receive access to PlayStation 4 and Vita development kits, and "skills to code" for both platforms, according to a press release from Torrens today.

Torrens added in their statement “This new endorsement from Sony PlayStation offers our students the opportunity to develop games for the PlayStation platform and is clear evidence of industry recognizing the quality of our programs of study,"

Torrens' sister School in New Zealand was accepted to the programme last year, a move which Melrose describes as "a huge success," and led to the creation of a new games studio called Rainbite, formed last year with a group of third-year students from the course.

“For Australian students looking to spearhead games development at home and overseas, the new accreditation offers a great opportunity to create games for one of the world’s leading platforms," Melrose wrote.

Enrolments are currently open for the course commencing on June 5, 2017 in the Media Design School campuses in Sydney and Brisbane.

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