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When the news came that Nokia (under HMD) were to release a revamped 3310, there was a frenzy as the anticipation for one of the most beloved phones in the world was intense.

Well, it's out now and while there have been a few changes, a couple of things have stayed the same.

First off, it's simply $50.33 which is reasonably affordable by any standard. It's even cheaper than the original which went for a global retail price of $158.36 and sold 126 million units worldwide but was phased out in 2005.

What consumers can expect from the new Nokia 3310 is its new colors and new version of the "Snake" game. It has a single camera that is restricted to two megapixels.

Since the new Nokia 3310 it only provides limited internet facilities, it is considered a feature phone and not a smartphone. While it is powered by the S30+ operating system, it has slow data speeds as it only relies on 2.5G connectivity.

For more information you can check out a short review here.

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