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First things first, it is important to note that your Android needs to be an Android 6.0 Marshmallow or over to enable Google Assistant with this hack.

Checked? Done? Right, so here goes.

The Google Assistant is Google's response to Siri and Bixby and it was unveiled in October 2016 along with the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. 

Initially, the AI was supposed to be exclusive to certain devices, but all that changed a while ago at the Mobile World Congress, when it was announced that a host of Android phones would be getting the Google assistant as will Marshmellow and Nougat devices. 

However, the update was scheduled to roll out only for English (US) regions with other English variants along with German soon to follow. 

So naturally a hack had to come up for it. Here's a neat little one you can try. Note it may not work, but you can give it the good ol college try


1: Make sure the Google Play Services on your devices is updated to version 10.2.98 or later. If not, either download the latest version from here, or wait for your device to update it automatically.

2: Change your device's language to English (US). To do so, navigate to Device Settings > Language & Input > Change it to English (US).

3: Now make sure your Google App is updated to the latest version. If not, just go to Google Play Store and update the Google App. My device was running version at the time of writing this story.

4: Clear cache from your Google App data. This is will clear all the previous settings on your Google App. Also, make sure your Google App language is set to English (US)

5: Once done, just tap and hold the Home Button of your device and you will see a message pop from the bottom asking you get started with 'Google Assistant'. Enjoy!

So there you have it, hope it works for you.

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