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After months of waiting the Amazon Alexa is finally available on Android phones and the Huawei Mate 9 users will be the lucky devils to first get it.

Users of the Huawei phone will get it first in an over-the-air update (and later through the Google Play store).

While that is all very exciting it should be noted that while Alexa has thousands of skills and uses, there are some limitations right now as to what Amazon on this phone -- or any phone -- can do. 

For instance, it isn't always-listening. In fact, you'll have to download not one app, but two -- the Amazon Alexa app and Huawei Alexa. And if you want to shop Amazon through Huawei Alexa, you'll need that app as well.

Also Alexa doesn't come on automatically meaning you'll have to open Huawei Alexa everytime to use the voice command function.
Alexa faces intense pressure from smart assistants like Google Assistant, Apple's Siri and Samsung's upcoming Bixby to take top spot in the voice assistant game.

So what can Alexa actually do? Here are a fe things;

  • Home automation (especially useful if you don't have an Amazon Echo device at home)
  • Order from Amazon Prime (account required)
  • Sync with Google Calendar to hear about your next meeting
  • Access skills like news brief readouts and workouts
  • Games, trivia and jokes (think road trips), like this gem: "Why do teenagers use odd numbers? Because they can't even"

So while Alexa can do all that cool stuff, it's also limited in that the Huawei Alexa app doesn't hook into your phone's particulars like GPS, contacts, or even Amazon Prime Music. So what this translates to is that you can't call a cab to your exact location, tell it to text your contacts or play everything that Prime has to offer. This is because Amazon hasn't made it possible, but it's coming.

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