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The new iPhone is being reported in many quarters to cost upwards of $1000 upon release-- a thousand dollars is a lot of money and it is only natural for potential buyers to wonder and speculate over what they'll actually get.

Apple hasn't helped in this regard as over the last ten years they has had an odd habit of being dodgy with the cost of internal storage. 

An example, the flash storage chip inside the iPhone normally costs Apple $20 but it’s stuck with a base level of 16GB of storage for the longest time, only recently springing for a 32GB base option with the iPhone 7.

Now with alll the stuff we usually dump on phones, once we're done with the initial OS, and a few knick knacks space is gone. 

Sure, you can buy iCloud storage for a couple bucks a month, but the more logical solution for Apple would be to have a base option to 64GB, much like most flagship Android phones.

And that may very well be the case

According to a supply-chain report from TrendForce the new flagship iPhone 8 will ship with 64GB or 256GB of internal storage. If that's true then that's value for your $1000

The same report suggests the the still-new-but-cheaper iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will both retain the 32GB entry-level option, although the top end will still be 256GB.

So err...all in all i guess you'd say this is good news. Don't worry, memory won't be all the iPhone 8 will be good for as it'll also have a dual-camera system much like the one found on the iPhone 7 Plus, an all-glass front display with minimal bezel, and quite possibly no physical buttons.

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