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You know how it is that you get a new phone or laptop and the battery lasts for ages and then after some time it seems to die in an instant? (Currently facing that with my laptop, dies after like 10 minutes without power) well, it's a universal problem-- one that might be dead and gone if reports are to be believed.

Tech news provider BGR report that some Harvard researchers have developed a new battery technology that will be able to last for at least a decade and is also affordable to boot.

Along with its 10-year lifespan, the researchers also successfully designed the battery to remain inexpensive, non-corrosive, and non-toxic.

The newly developed power technology is used in what is called a “flow battery.” Flow batteries utilize the ion exchange between two liquids to provide electric current. It’s a flexible, adaptable system that is used in many applications, but can be prone to degradation over time and require regular maintenance.
Harvard researchers found they had the ability to change the chemical composition of the positive and negative electrolyte solutions, making them water-soluble and pH neutral. This makes the battery rechargeable, without the huge amount of energy degradation. The Harvard battery loses only one percent of its capacity every 1,000 cycles. In turn, the battery could last more than a decade with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

If this becomes a thing, it could completely revolutionize the power industry all over the world. Just imagine being able to power your device or other applicable instruments for years and years because of the power of this new technology.

Just imagine.

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