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Okay, so let's get this straight; the Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming with a headphones jack. 

Now we can move on.

This particular rumor has scared many Samsung fans as there were reports that Samsung planned to go the Apple route and cut off the headphones jack in favour of a more wireless option. Now while Samsung might still go this way, it doesn't seem to be happening with the S8.

A set of photo-quality renders (not actual photos) have appeared this week and the phone in the renders has the Jack safe and sound. This seems to tally with the various other rumors and reports that Samsung will indeed continue with the headphones jack.

The images are provided courtesy of a skilled creator by the name of WaaNee – aka WoOS. They’ve been created – it would seem – to promote the maker’s collection of wallpapers and themes. In the process of promoting these themes, WoOS has created some of the most realistic and final-looking renders of the Galaxy S8 we’ve seen so far.

The images are in line with the current specs of the Galaxy S8 as we know it. In terms of his references, this is likely from schematics from model-makers for accessories. 

We're likely to find out more from official channels in the coming weeks especially with the MWC coming up in a little bit.

For now, feast your eyes on the renders below.

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