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Samsung may be focusing on getting a Galaxy S8 which will blow our minds out there as soon as possible, but the ghost of the Note 7 fiasco is still hanging over their heads it seems.

The company has now taken a hit to its reputation with their reputation ranking plummeted among US consumers. In an annual survey, it was discovered that the Korean manufacturer struggled with the fallout over its Galaxy Note 7 recall.

According to the Korea Herald, Samsung came in 49th in this year’s Reputation Quotient Ratings from Harris Poll, which ranks the 100 most visible companies in the US according to public reputation. In last year’s ratings, Samsung ranked seventh, and it ranked third in 2015, ahead of Apple and Google.


At the top of the rankings was Amazon for the second consecutive year, followed by Wegmans and Publix Super Markets. Other companies in the top ten include Apple, Google, and Tesla Motors, which was not included in last year’s rankings. Netflix and Microsoft each ranked in the top 20 (18th and 20th, respectively), while Facebook ranked 66th.

The Harris Polls (which is what the rankings are called) are based on an online survey of more than 30,000 adults in the US, carried out between November 28th and December 16th of last year. 

What the survey does is they study brand reputation based on six dimensions: social responsibility, vision and leadership, financial performance, products and services, workplace environment, and emotional appeal.

Samsung apart from suffering from the Note 7 issue also had to contend with their CEO being questioned by police after it was alleged he was involved in corruption along with impeached South Korean President Park Guen-Hye.

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