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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is set to be launched at the upcoming MWC 2017 and at this point we really can't wait to see what it looks like, so we resort to speculation and so on to whet our appetite till it comes forward.

Now there's little that can be gleaned from a user manual, but the keen eyes of those waiting for the Tab's release have already noted a couple of things.

This is basically some features we knew were coming and a couple we might not have picked on earlier.

From the looks of it, The tablet will have an S Pen even though there actually won't be anywhere to keep it.

Also revealed in the manual is the Screen Off Memo feature, which lets you write on a black canvas even when the tablet’s screen is off. This feature has been around since the Galaxy Note 5 but never before on a tablet, even those with a stylus like the Galaxy Tab A.

Another thing the manual shows off is the connector for a keyboard dock with dots not unlike the POGO connectors on an iPad Pro or Surface. What this tells us basically is that there could be a keyboard cover accessory similar to those as well. Again something not found in previous Android Galaxy tablets, be it the Galaxy Tab S2 or the Galaxy Tab A.

So after all this i guess what we can say about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is that it will be the flagship in terms of Android tablets for 2017. We will probably know more about the tab and many other expected gadgets and devices at the MWC later this month.

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