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The two top brands are at war again. The upcoming iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are dominating headlines, but which phone will come out on top?

Apple thinks they will.

According to recent iPhone 8 rumors, Apple is set to include a 3D laser scanner on the front of the iPhone 8 to unlock the device, as opposed to the sometimes-finicky Touch ID technology. 

Apple Insider reveals that there Face recognition might be the way with Apple. 
And with Apple's reported acquisition of Israeli startup RealFace, which boasts the "world's best facial recognition," according to its website, which has since been taken down this looks like Apple's trump card. 

 RealFace software, according to reports, provides "frictionless face recognition" directly on a relatively low-powered device like an iPhone. According to the company, it aims to "offer customers a smart biometric log-in solution" for mobile deployment.

And what this means is that while the Galaxy S8 is going to have a facial recognition feature, it'll have nothing on the iPhone 8.


Going by this definition, RealFace has a lot in common with Google's Tango or at least it seems that way. Tango also uses a combination of cameras and depth sensors to enable many of the same scenarios in phones like the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro. Asus has also announced its own Google Tango phone, the Zenfone AR.

The iPhone 8 with all its awesome features has been rumored to cost over a thousand dollars when it is finally released, but with all they stuff that they plan to chuck into it, can you really blame them?

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