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Google's Instant Apps was announced last year at a Google event and it has now started to roll out on the Android platform.

What Instant Apps does essentially is let users access apps without needing to download them on the device.

According to Android Central, a few people were able to use the Wish shopping app on their smartphones running on Android 7.0 operating system. If you are using a smartphone running on Nougat too, you could look it up if you got access too, here’s how it works.

  • Go to your phone settings and move to Google settings from there. Look up Instant Apps option in there and switch the toggle on. Check the terms and conditions, if you agree that's that. 
  • Next up, you search for any random website or company, you might see a search result for an Instant App version. Reason for this is that at the moment the search is working only for Wish’s Instant App. So when you open the Instant App suggestion, you will be able to jump right into the app, without needing to download the app in your device.

Explaining why there's the need for Instant Apps, Google stated that it's all an “effort to help users discover and run apps with minimal friction.” 

In the same way streaming works, Instant Apps technology runs an Android app without the user having to install the original app on the device. Now this could be understood as a system where clicking on a link with an associated app will launch the bite-sized version of the app sans the need for installation. The feature is compatible with majority of Android devices that use Google Play services or with those running Jelly Bean and above.

On a deeper level, this means that apps are split into multiple modules and with deep linking Google Play fetches only those modules which are necessary to run it. Using search, social media links, messaging links, and other deep links, developers can thus offer a full app experience without the need to install the app first.

So for those who want to see what an app is like before downloading, much like watching a trailer before seeing the full movie, Instant Apps is for you.

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