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With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 almost upon us, a new leak has surfaced online giving us some fresh (barely) insight into the coming Flagship phone.

After series of alleged spec details, a clip art image of the said smartphone now proliferates the internet.

Another unconfirmed leak regarding the Galaxy S8 has been reported online. The newly leaked data has been spotted with clip art images sketching out the possible new look of the said device.

From the little we can glean from the leak, the Samsung S8 smartphone would be a new look with its on-screen soft keys. Another change is to the home button key has been changed into an almost square shape, but lacking some corners. The home key will soon look like two opposite L shapes if the leaked images would be accurate.

A second image outline of the upcoming Galaxy S8 also showcases the back portion of the device. The said image indicates one sensor on left of the rear camera, while another sensor, purportedly a fingerprint sensor, has been placed on the right.

Moreover, the third and final clip art of the leaked images involved the DeX dock for the Galaxy S8. Dex dock is an unverified accessory that would allow the Samsung smartphone to be used as an ordinary desktop computer.

So we continue to wait. With the Mobile World Conference coming so soon, we expect to learn even more of Samsung's flagship phone.

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