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The woes of Samsung as regards the Galaxy Note 7 are well documented with not one but two recalls necessary to even begin to clean up the mess.

What has happened afterwards has been sheer madness with the company scrambling to find a cause and also get reluctant consumers to give up their Note 7. It has cost Billions of dollars and God knows how many hours to sort out the entire thing.

They did come out with a cause for the explosions and it was down to the batteries, this has prompted the South Korean company to change its battery testing practices and place many other safeguards so as not to have this happen again.

Another change that the company might be making according to reports is their battery supplier. It has been gathered that Samsung might switch to a new Japanese manufacturer for the Galaxy S8. This is according to Korean news site Han Kyung.

This could be another step in making sure that the disaster that was the Note 7 doesn't happen again. The new company according to reports is Murata manufacturing company and they could well be the suppliers for the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is due to be launched in a couple of months.

Murata Manufacturing acquired Sony's battery manufacturing subsidiary last year. The Japanese manufacturer is rumored to be the secondary supplier behind Samsung SDI -- Samsung Electronics' own battery division, and the group called out by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for making the Note 7's first-run of flawed batteries.

It should be noted that Samsung are yet to confirm this so it is at the moment uncertain, but if Murata can make safer batteries it would absolutely make sense for Samsung to make the move for the safety of their consumers and their stocks.

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