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America's President Donald Trump has somehow incensed the entire world again this time with his restriction on Immigration from certain countries that are largely Islamic.

Since then there have been a ton of protests from people all over against the move, but from the looks of things, this may only be the start.

According to Bloomberg, a new executive order set to be launched will crack down on the work visa program in the US. Foreign work visas, known as H-1B visas, are important to the hiring practices of US tech companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft.

If the order goes through, companies could have to change hiring practices and attempt to find employees in the US first before seeking workers internationally, according to the report. Seeing as a lot of tech talent comes from overseas, this could hit tech companies who hire a lot of foreign talent.

The move will most likely elicit robust responses from tech companies who have been very vocal in their displeasure of the immigration restriction by the US government.

So it remains to be seen when the law could go into action, but it sure seems that there's a storm.

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