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Samsung truly want to take 2017 by storm, with the noise coming about the Galaxy S8 which is to launch in late March before becoming available for purchase in April.

What's interesting is that a report from the Guardian claims that users will be able to turn the S8 into an Android-running desktop computer by hooking it up to a dock, monitor and keyboard, with a new feature called desktop extension (DeX).

Expected to work in a similar manner to Microsoft’s Continuum, Samsung will likely use DeX to push the S8 as a bona fide business device.

Reports that have been swirling for a while also state that the Galaxy S8 will come in two different size options from 5-6-inches, and feature a larger screen than its predecessors.

The display will reportedly cover a huge chunk of the smartphone’s front face, what this means is that there's likely to be no room for a home button or even Samsung’s logo. The solution? they moved the fingerprint scanner to the phone’s rear side.

The two phone variants are said to feature dual-edge curved displays, like the Galaxy S7 Edge also contrary to earlier reports, it seems Samsung is keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack around.

The iris-scanning biometric technology used by the Note 7 will be included too, allowing users to unlock the S8 and authenticate purchases with their eyes.

This new ability to act as a desktop while not exactly new, would certainly be another reason why the Galaxy S8 might just be the go-to phone for 2017.

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