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Is the S pen coming with the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is billed to come out in a couple of months?

It may well be so if new reports are to be believed.

No confirmation has been made as yet, but some new designs of the S8 case show that there is space for the S pen.

What the cases don't reveal is whether the smartphones will be curved edge or not, the cutouts at the side do seem to imply that the areas are being left free for fingers to slide over. 

If this is indeed so then it well might be that there isn’t going to be a Galaxy S8 edge and we’ll have a Galaxy S8 Plus instead. 

In terms of size, the Galaxy S8 seems to have almost the exact same dimensions as the Galaxy S7 while the Galaxy S8 Plus might end up wider than even the Galaxy Note 7.

Back to what the case says about the inclusion of the S pen; one of the cutouts at the bottom of the case seems to match the location for an S Pen. 

This matches rumors circulating that the Galaxy S8 will be compatible with Samsung’s iconic stylus that's if it doesn't have the pen.

The phone comes out in March and will hit shelves in April, i guess at this point, all the questions will finally be answered.

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