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Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming out this year, frankly speaking that's about all we know about the phone for sure, everything else has been one rumour or the other.

One of the rumours that has gained traction is that the new Samsung Phone will copy Apple in that they will be getting rid of the headphone jack as Apple did with the iPhone 7 and using  a USB port instead.

Well, according to a render of a protective case that’s alleged to be for the phone, leaked on Slashleaks, tells us differently.

While it is highly possible that renders for a Samsung Galaxy S8 case could be accurate as third-party accessory manufacturers are usually briefed on a phone’s design prior to its release in order to create products that can be released at launch, it doesn't mean this is something that tells the whole story.

What the renders do show (grain of salt guys) is that the 3.5mm headphone jack is going nowhere even though earlier reports suggested a move away from this.

Besides the space for the jack, the bottom of the case shows space of a USB-C port on one side as well as a third space on the opposite side which we would expect is to accommodate a speaker.

Three button spaces on the left hand side of the case point towards volume up and down buttons as well as a power button, leaving a mysterious gap on the top of the case which could possibly be a microSD card slot.

Moving on to the back of the leaked render. The case has space for what has to be where the camera will be lodged. It’s only big enough for a single lens though so if this render is accurate then we shouldn’t expect any dual camera technology in the S8.

Samsung have remained tight-lipped on this so far so we can't vouch for the veracity of the render, so this is us saying there's still room for surprises.

On the plus side, we might not have to wait much longer as traditionally Samsung has revealed its flagships at the Mobile World Congress in February, though delay rumors suggest this reveal might be pushed back to April instead.

But February or April, it's still soon enough, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Check out the render below.

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