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The talk of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has reached fever pitch with an almost daily stream of rumors, reports, leaks and so on.

Even earlier this week there was a leak from a Poland-based gadget tipster who posted an image that may be what the display design for the upcoming Samsung phone and its larger variant will look like. 

What we have here seems to be in line with earlier rumors as to how the face of the Samsung Galaxy S8 could look like.

It shows two display shells that are supposed to be for the Galaxy S8 and the larger S8 Plus. Both look like they have curved screens with very little bezel. They also both look much like the smartphone mockup that was used in the recent videos from Samsung’s Display division.


Looking at the many sensor windows on top of both display shells it is suspected that these may be a heavy indicator that the phone could come with features like iris scanning that was included in the aborted Galaxy Note 7.

Of course it goes without saying that without any official confirmation from Samsung, this may well not be what we are to expect, but if it is, then it is quite nice to look  at.

The Galaxy S8 according to rumors is set to be launched sometime in April. 

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