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President Donald Trump might be disliked in many quarters but it is still a worry that he is reportedly using  an unsecured Android phone to send his tweets, according to The New York Times.

According to a security analyst, Bruce Schneier, this could be a huge issue as he could be bugged if he keeps it up.

"There are security risks here, but they are not the obvious ones," he said.

Schneier is a widely respected cryptography expert. He's a fellow at Harvard Law School, and he's written several books on information security.

Schneier posits that the "bigger risk" from Trump's actions isn't so much that the data on it could be stolen, but that a hacker could compromise the device and turn it into a presidential spying machine.

Schneier continued, "That Android has a microphone, which means that it can be turned into a room bug without anyone's knowledge, 

"That's my real fear."

Schneier added that a forged email could "easily move the stock market," and that by using a consumer device, Trump is "at risk from everybody, ranging from lone hackers to the better-funded intelligence agencies of the world."

While some of the claims may seem a bit far fetched, whistle blowers such as Edward Snowden have claimed that smartphones can be taken over. It might be something President Trump might want to watch out for.

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