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When Google introduced the Pixel phones there was a lot of curiousity as to what the company would do with it and fast forward months later and we know-- and we love it!

The phones have been an overwhelming success selling off the shelves wherever they are. This is not to say it's a perfect phone as there have been complaints of sound distortion and so on, but it's still without a doubt the top Android phone of the moment.

According to a new report, Pixel “demand is exceeding supply” at Verizon.

Big Red is still the only US carrier selling Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone, and the investment has been paying off for the company. Verizon committed a $25 million marketing budget for the phone after its launch and continues to promote the phone, although spending has cooled.

According to Fierce Wireless, Wave7 Research shows that the Pixel is the most demanded Android phone even beyond the holidays

The report stated, “Along with Apple, Samsung, and Droid, the Pixel/XL continues to be heavily advertised—on an equal footing with top OEMs—at a price point of $10 (Pixel) or $15 (XL) per month with trade-in of a high-end smartphone,” the firm noted. “It is clear that demand is exceeding supply.”

Fierce conducted a survey of 50 carrier stores in the past week and their findings were that the Pixel accounted for 9.5% of smartphone sales at Verizon last month. 

What makes it even more amazing is that Verizon subscribers aren't the only buyers, the Pixel and Pixel XL can be used with other US carriers, and T-Mobile specifically targeted the handsets with a promotion not too long ago.

The report continued, “AT AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint stores, 39% of reps (13 of 33) are aware of an average of ~2 Pixel activations each at these 13 stores,
“Most Pixel XL SKUs are shipping in March and most Pixel SKUs are out of stock as well.”

So perhaps you're looking to get an Android phone, perhaps you could go for the Pixel-- if you can actually find it.

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