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The debate as to which OS trumps the other between the Google's Android and Apple's OS will continue to rage as long as both systems exists, it does seem that Apple is winning-- or at least they are in the eyes of the British military.

According to a new report from TechRepublic, the UK Ministry of Defence recently have chosen Apple’s iPhone 7 as the “device of choice” for sensitive communications that warrant the utmost security against malicious actors.

Also reported is that BT, England's communication giant is already doing their utmost to heighten the security safeguards on the iPhone 7 for military and defense personnel. 

Once done, the users of these secured iPhones will be able to adjust the security mode of their device depending on the level of sensitivity a particular communication demands. The report also adds that BT is also working on methods to develop “secure storage containers” for top-secret data.

From the looks of things though it seems like the initial plan was to work with the Samsung Note 4. According to Steve Bunn, BT’s technical business manager for defence, work on a secured communications device was initially with Samsung.

“But as more and more development and testing was done,” Bunn explained, “the security associated with it wasn’t deemed to be sufficient, so that’s why we moved [to iPhone].”

Now this seems like a slight on Samsung, so to make nice BT issued a follow-up statement indicating that the Note 4’s security wasn’t inadequate.

“We would like to clarify that the MoD has not expressed any views about the suitability of dual-persona technology from specific handset/technology vendors and is prototyping a range of devices,”

So which OS do you think is more secure, the Android or Apple's OS?

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