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After a disastrous outing and two very expensive recalls, the Galaxy Note 7 can't be seen as anything more than a failure.

But does that mean Samsung are giving up on the series?


While the battery issues of the Note 7 were bad for business, the Korean company has plans to release a much safer, less fiery Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

According to Samsung mobile head DJ Koh “I will bring back a better, safer, and very innovative Note 8.”

So there you have it, Samsung are not out of it and just as well. The numbers show that despite taking a huge hit with the Note 7, many people are still loyal to Samsung as the amount of people who initially refused to give up their Note 7 shows.

The Galaxy Note series has produced some of the coolest and handiest smartphones in recent years, and so it’s not surprising to learn that Samsung is prepping a Note 8. 

We have little or no information as to when the Note 8 is coming, but with its announcement you can be sure that there'll be a whole lot of talk about it in the coming months.

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