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Nokia seems to be getting back on their feet after some time in the shadows. The Finnish company had announced plans for an Android phone this year and now it seems it has even more in store.

In a new Facebook post teasing the arrival of its forthcoming Nokia 6, the company dropped a cryptic clue suggesting “more announcements” will follow on February 26.

February 26 happens to be the start of Mobile World Congress so this may have something to do with that but the company have refused to give out any further details as to what these “announcements” could involve. It is hoped though that it means new product.

As part of the revival process, Nokia struck a deal with Alcatel owner HMD Global that will see the company lease out the Nokia brand to the Chinese manufacturer for the next 10 years.

On the back of that, HMD revealed plans to build a modest $26 feature phone and then quickly followed up with the announcement of the previously mentioned Nokia 6.

To the dismay of fans though, this phone will only sell in China and it is planned that the Chinese market be properly explored.

While avid commenters rushed to speculate the announcement might have to do with a wider Nokia 6 roll-out, the company’s social media team was quick cool off the excitement. Seconding previous statements the device will remain exclusive to China, the phone-maker said it has intentions to bring all-new Android phones to other countries.

It remains to be seen if HMD can raise Nokia to its former glory. The Nokia 6 will be a great start, but only time will tell. 

You can see the video below

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