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It was a good run, but according to Vine, we'll be saying a final goodbye to the app this month. January 17 to be exact and a lot of people would be sad to see it go.
But there is a silver lining though as while Vine will be dying, they will convert to an altered version called Vine Camera.
What Vine Camera lets you do is still be able to create looping six-second videos and upload them to Twitter. There will also be a "Follow On Twitter" feature to help creators retain their followers once Vine is officially shut down.
So while the Vine app is dead, Vine is not. Vine Camera however, doesn't have any of the features included in the current Vine app, including viewing other Vines through the app. You will also not be able to download your old Vines once the app has been discontinued, but an archive of old Vines will remain viewable on Vine's website.
It remains to be seen how Vine Camera is received online. It is believed that there will be an adjustment period after which people should be fine.
We wish Vine Camera all the very best.

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