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Apple's Siri has been a major feature of the iPhone for years now (from the iPhone 4S) and most will agree that she's pretty damn smart. If reports are anything to go by, then she might be in line for a major upgrade which will in turn make her smarter than ever.

According to a report on Digitimes, the Assistant could well come with a lot of major upgrade. This is in line numerous rumors that the next iPhone, possibly called the iPhone 8, will mark its 10-year anniversary with big changes like an edge-to-edge display and glass body along with a smarter Siri that can learn your behavior.

Apple have not confirmed this story yet meaning it may not be the case, or they're keeping their cards close to their chest.

At this time Siri is behind its major competitor, Google's combination of voice search, Google Now and Google's AI Assistant.

While Siri has included incremental updates and features since "she" was first introduced back in 2011. Siri can't answer follow-up questions or access different applications like Google Assistant can making her fall short of Google's little bot (Google's probably smirking at this).

So if these changes are made to Siri in 2017 and she is given the AI treatment, then it is safe to say that Siri will be able to go toe to toe with any other assistant in the market (and probably win)

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