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You thought Cortana could do loads on your system? Well now she will be able to do more, a whole lot more. According to reports, Cortana will soon be able to shut down and restart your Windows 10 PC as well. 
Microsoft has rolled out a new beta build of Windows 10 to members of the Insider program. The latest build brings a lot of improvements, it will enable Cortana to shut down or restart a Windows 10 PC when commanded by the user.
The Windows 10 build 14986 is what is going to bring these changes and will also feature other improvements to Cortana that further enhance the personal assistant’s functionality.
Apart from shutting down and restarting your system, Cortana will also have Music Playback controls added to Cortana as well. Windows 10 users will be able to play music from services like TuneIn Radio and iHeartRatdio even when their PC is locked. Cortana will be able to lock a PC and change the system volume on command as well.
Cortana will also have a nice idle feature in which if your PC is idle for more than ten seconds, the “Hey Cortana” command can be used to launch a full-screen interface that’s optimized for viewing from afar.
Windows 10 users will get to enjoy these features when the new update is rolled out.

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