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The results are in! and they indicate that the Sony Xperia XZ is the biggest hit of the second half of 2016.
This is according to App metrics company Apteligent who put out a “2016 Mobile Year in Review” on what it has tracked with its performance-tracking APIs. Those APIs are integrated into apps big, small, mobile and PC.
From the data culled, it shows that of all the Android phones launched in the second half of this year, the Sony Xperia XZ has come out on top as the most used in the global market right now.

And Sony have Samsung to thank for their current dominance. With the fall of the Galaxy Note 7 (Yeah, that one that kept blowing up in people's faces remember?) Sony took the lead in the market with nearly 0.15 percent in share.
Before disaster struck, the Note 7 enjoyed a healthy 0.35 percent of the market. After things went Boom, the XZ passed by the Note in mid-November. The Note 7 currently stands at below 0.05 percent and handily beats the LG V20HTC 10 evo (or HTC Bolt) and even the OnePlus 3T — though all three phones only got started with sales within the last couple of months.
The Moto Z strikes just above Note 7 territory while the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL follow on respectively at around 0.06 percent.
So in case you don't have a Sony Xperia XZ, maybe this will convince you to spring for one.

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