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Samsung have already announced various measures to end the Galaxy S7 using various means even just recently announcing in the UK that phones won't be able to charge higher than 35% in a bid to discourage people from using the phone.

The move to kill the battery in the remaining active Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the US has finally begun with T-Mobile spearheading the charge and being the first of the four major carriers to begin rolling out the battery shutdown update for the recalled phone.

T-Mobile’s support page for the Note 7 states that the update’s version number will be N930TUVU2APL2. The changelog says that the update will offer an on-screen reminder to owners of the phone about the recall order, along with what steps they should take to send back the Note 7. Once the update is installed, the changelog says it will “prevent the charge ability of the device.”

Following T-Mobile's move, AT&T and Verizon are expected to be the next to join in the initiative and it is believed they will roll out the same update to its Note 7 phones from January 5. 

According to Samsung, 93 percent of Note 7 devices in the US have already been turned in following the recall order, the 7% is all that's left to conquer.

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